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Lazarus is a top-down action-oriented sci-fi twist on Groundhog Da 5d3b920ae0

Title: Lazarus
Genre: Action, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, Early Access
Spilt Milk Studios Ltd
Spilt Milk Studios Ltd
Release Date: Spring 2019


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WEEKLY UPDATE 10 - Say Cheese! : Cameras and showing off are the core ideas behind this week's update, or so it would seem, this time headlined by some changes you have all been asking for! We've also been working behind the scenes on some BIG stuff that's coming over the next 2 to 3 weeks, but read on for what's new in this week's push: CAMERA. New Public Build Live - 0.10.23b : Weve made a tons of smaller fixes and added a bunch of tiny wee things in preparation for the next few months of dev, but heres the three things that will affect you most: - no more music overlapping itself! - you can skip the tutorial by holding X (and also re-enable it through the Esc menu), so no more getting stuck! - out of bounds now comes with a warning, a countdown, and kills you if you ignore it! Meantime, behind the scenes, we've been working on some pretty cool stuff that'll sneak in next week with any luck: Enjoy :D. LAZARUS v0.7.00 Out Now [FIXES CONNECTION ISSUES] : We've updated Lazarus, and the headline feature is if you've been having disconnection/connection issues, we think they're all fixed! Do give it a whirl and see, make sure you've updated the game in Steam. We've added a bunch of other stuff too, but this is the headline feature and we're saving the rest for a big content/feature update in the near future.. UPDATE 22 - WIPE AWAY THOSE TEARS : Update 22 is here and it features the single biggest change we've ever made to the game both in terms of the amount of work it has taken, and the amount of impact it has on Lazarus.. NEW PATCH OUT NOW! : This week has been spent on FTUE behind the scenes (expecting it to be in next week's update, yay!) and AI, as promised. And yup, some of that AI work is now in the game. Let me explain.. UPDATE 31 - FEEL YOUR PRESENTS : It's nearly Christmas! But we don't stop! We've got one final update for the year, and it's live right now. We've wanted to get beyond server optimisation and big chunky performance issues for ages now, and we've broken the back of them now, so we're filling this week's update with tons of extra bonus additions and tweaks around visuals, combat, movement, difficulty and the like. In 2019 we'll be back to the (roughly) 2 week update cycle, and we can't wait to get this bad boy into Early Access as soon as is sensible. Want to play? Hit up www.playlazarus.com and claim a steam key right now. The servers are live 24/7! Want to chat to us? Hit up discord.gg/spiltmilk and let us know what you want to see in the game! We've filled up our lovely wiki over at - please do pop in and check it out, help us fill in any gaps, or let us know what it's missing! NEW & TWEAKED!. Weekly Update 13! Smash the Stars! : Smash the Stars!!. UPDATE 32 - SUPLEX : Its been a week. Oh boy its been a week. If youve no idea, I ask you to google spatialOS Improbable and Unity. Tl;dr we were told wed have to shut the servers down, so we did, but then it turns out we were told wrong, so we brought them back up. Then we decided screw it. Lets push out the update we were planning before the whole crapshoot. Suffice to say, if youve ever liked what we make, want to support indie games, or want to maybe tip the karmic balance back towards us after so much stress, anxiety, pain, worry, torment, and straight CRAP weve had to deal with these past few days then please consider the following: - leaving us a review here on Steam - telling a friend and getting them to join in the fun with us Want to play? Hit up www.playlazarus.com and claim a steam key right now. The servers are live 24/7! Want to chat to us? Hit up discord.gg/spiltmilk and let us know what you want to see in the game! We've filled up our lovely wiki over at - please do pop in and check it out, help us fill in any gaps, or let us know what it's missing! NEW & TWEAKED!. UPDATE 27 - SMASHED IT. : Wow, this is a big one. Of course we did release a quick hotfix for the Wipe last week, but this update rolls in a TON of new fixes as we step inexorably (and excitedly) towards our Early Access launch! We've focused on getting the Wipe bulletproof again (still/again/forever) and have a backend fix implemented that has definitely taken it from 50% reliable to, like, 98% or something. So we're pretty stoked about that! More details below of course, but we have also taken time to address problems with the FTUE/Tutorial because it's super important to us that new players (and we're seeing a lot more of you now!) are taken care of. And then there's an absolute mountain of fixes around menus, interactions, bugs and general quality of life. We're really excited with the progress we've been making, and feel like we're on a bit of a roll.

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