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About This Game

Journey of life is a survival sandbox game where the player finds himself on a group of islands where each island has a different biome with different flora and fauna.

In order to build a village, the player needs to create a variety of stations that will process materials found on the islands into components used in crafting tools and weapons needed for survival.

The player needs to build a dock on the coast to be able to construct a ship used in sailing between islands. Before the ability to departure, the player needs to fill the ship with resources such as food and water to survive the stormy seas!

- Basic Movement System
- Inventory System
- Foraging
- Character Basic Crafting System and Advanced station crafting
- Basic Combat System [Melee Weapons, Bow]
- Animal Hunting System
- Basic Power System [Primitive][Windmill and Watermill]
- Farming
- Building in 4 tiers
- Basic Transport Vehicles
- PvP
- Singleplayer and Multiplayer - Listen and Dedicated servers
- Weather system
- Basic Modular weapons and tools
- Aquatic, Terrestrial and Air Animals
- Basic Food Cooking
- Basic Character Management
- Fruit Regrow System


- Expanding building part and stations system
- Seamless Biome Traveling [Tropical, Desert, Snow]
- Tribe system, society progress
- Experience and skill system
- Advanced Modular weapons and tools
- Advanced Power System
- Advanced Ore mining
- Advanced Transport Vehicles
- Advanced AI Systems for Human AI [Singleplayer]
- Advanced AI Systems for Animal AI
- Advanced Cooking system
- Advanced House System
- Advanced Character Management
- Advanced Combat System
- Language Translations
- Character Customization

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Made in Croatia a09c17d780

Title: Journey Of Life
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Early Access
Hyperion Studio Limited
Hyperion Studio Limited
Release Date: 15 Apr, 2018


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2500k / AMD FX 4100
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 960 / AMD R9 Fury
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 4 GB available space

English,German,Simplified Chinese

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Wonderful game.
Still a work in progress, but very promising.
Similar to Ark, but proper Survival

*Bug Notes*
Dropped a Jagged Rock (M) was caught in my hitbox and was being dragged around with me.
Drinking Lowered my water supply Instead of Increasing it.. Pooring game and game play. what a waste of money. Don't buy this game. graphic is rubbish. not matter what setting you put it. '#bin. Updated review as of Jan 2019

Very buggy gameplay. Its not playable at the moment!
Will check back after they fix the numerous issues.
There is no ocean anymore????
My Fps are rubbish also!


Gorgeous Visuals
Great atmosphere
Friendly devs
Good optimisation already (60ps ultra settings)
Plenty of scope for potential

Typical ea bugs which is expected
very hard to master controls and crafting system - needs a tutorial

If it finishes then I think this game could rival the most hardcore survival games out there!
But will have to wait and see. Anyway I am thoroughly enjoying so far!. In my first 30 minutes of this game, I have noticed how beautiful the game is, even using only the high graphics setting instead of the ultra graphics setting. The movement so far in the game is spot on, and I haven't noticed any bugs except that if you press escape while in the build menu, the camera is no longer locked. If I were to make the game better so far, I would add small quests in the beginning, like "building your first axe" and giving the user a little more 'how to' in starting the game. A good game to compare this type of quest to would be like 7 Days to Die. (Where the quests can be turned off if not needed but are still there for those who do need it).. Edit (23.07.18):
The old review was for the release version. I just played the game again after 2? Months and am changing from thumbs down to thumbs up. Here's why:

The game still needs work and love. There's still many many things that need to be added and fixed BUT the game is developing at a breakneck pace. Since I originally reviewed the game, the devs have completely remade the world map, fixed many many of the gamebreaking bugs, implemented needs, falldamage, air-under-water, new items, new effects new sounds and some more - for 2 months this is increadible work.

I'd say its now at the level an early access game should be released: basically functional and playable, but still lacking quite a few things.

If you're planning on buying because you want big fun right now, it might still be a bit too early access for you, but contrary to my original belief this appears to not be a quick cash-grab but actually people caring about their game which just originally released a lot too early. If you`re thinking this game might be for you, I'd say go for it, as I'm now cautiously confident that the devs will not give up on it and make it something awesome.

Now the game has changed drastically since I last played it and what you could see in my original video which I will no longer link as it`s no longer true. Unfortunately since I'm travelling without my setup, I cant record a new video for some time but will do when I`m back home.


Original review:

I received the Key for free, so I would like to thank the developer for this. I'm sorry I can't give a positive review.

TLDR: I wouldn't say this is a bad game, but it definitely is a game too early for release. Only buy this if you want to support development, do NOT expect fun at this point in time.

Let's start off by saying that I do actually see some potential here, the starting area shows what the devs are aiming for and that does look very nice! The wooden tools I crafted looked absolutely stunning, I honestly dont think I've ever seen a self-made-wooden-axe that looked more like... well.. a self-made-wooden-axe.

So with a lot of time and effort this game might become something worth money.

Unfortunately that's all the good I can say at this point. The game is in SUPER-Early-Access! There would be dozens of bugs I could name right now that struck in the first few minutes of gameplay, quite a few actually breaking the game - I had to restart 5 minutes into my first playthrough for the first time - To play an hour, I had to restart 4 or 5 times.

The map is only finished in the starting area, everything else is just green floor. (Even then, I'm not sure if the game's world would be big enough to be honest, its just the beach and one path through the Island, you can circle the island in maybe 5 minutes if the game doesnt bug out)

Since there's no combat, managing hunger-thirst is literally the only "gameplay" or "challange" here... And that isn't implemented yet, as I reached 0 in both but nothing happened.

My last gripe is with the price:
Even if the map was finished (which it isn't), the game was bug-free (which it isn't) and the crafting was fully implemented (which it hopefully isn't as there's very few craftable things) I'd say that 21 Euros would be a VERY steep price for this game! There are dozens of survival sandbox games out there that offer WAAAAY more content, a way bigger map, way more to do, that are less than the 21 Euros asked for here.. god dam game every pucking time i move my puking mouse it puking frezzes game and not reponding PUCK sake love to play it but keeps frezzin right up grrrrrrrr waste of money ask me
. This game has a lot of potential but need much more time to work on it.

Comment on V.

Need a bit of direction guide on how to do things to survive.
Walking isn't smooth(Sometimes, not always)
Crafting system is nice, I like it.
Item finding is easy but can be much better.
My shadow looks like alien lol.
Drinking water from river increase thristy, might be bug.
Drinking sea water increase hunger level, might be bug too.
Found a lond-speaker rock.
Is that a lion???
"Under construction" lol, you konw your player well enough.

****I don't reccommend to play it right now because it is in alpha stage but i do want to support them so thumb up****. Good game so far. Definitely needs more work but its the beginning of a great game.

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