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How To Survive 2 - Norse God Skin Pack License

How To Survive 2 - Norse God Skin Pack License

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Slip on your Norse God outfit and let zombies know they can’t touch this. IT’S HAMMER TIME!

This DLC contains:
  • Headgear (winged helme 5d3b920ae0

Title: How To Survive 2 - Norse God Skin Pack
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Eko Software
505 games
Release Date: 27 Oct, 2016


  • OS: Windows 64 bits
  • Processor: Intel i3 3GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:/p>

English,French,Italian,German,Russian,Japanese,Simplified Chinese,Korean,Thai,Turkish

Just because it still seems to be an issue with Negative Reviews. Great Items but their use depends on your Play Style In the First Bunker at that Very Beginning of the Game, The Items are in the Trunk.. The last review! and I just want to say I would reccomend this with flying colours! and I will start with the only thing that isn't absolutely amazing that this DLC offers. The helmet first. although it doesn't look bad at all. you will struggle to enjoy it fitting nicely with items. or that is just me. it has the stock DLC hat stats of -30% damage reduction, of course. and again, doesn't look bad. the only shiny hat you get in the DLC. if that earns it any brownie points? And now the bird! "Hugin" this bird fits the title of the DLC pack perfectly. because he is a god send. not only is he large and fricken glows! but along with the stock DLC pet stats of carry weight and zombie detection range bonus, this thing adds on a more damage reduction, take off three quarters the amount of time to revive a team mate. and even if you get hit during that. this guy makes you take less damage while healing an ally! so he definitely takes the place of the tanky bird. and what I personally call him, The revival bird. you can swoop into combat and even heal an ally between boss swings. as long as your timing is on par. because he just makes healing take so damn little time! this guy alone makes the DLC worth it. but the next item just raises the bar up much higher. Thor's Hammer. this beast of a melee will be your heavy hitter for such a long time. it out damages ALL melee weapons, and when it gets to the point where it no longer does, the weapon can be upgraded to get even better. with the right melee practice you can manhandle enemies and even shred down hordes. just watch your stamina! because this thing will eat it up fast! so this along with the amazing pet can make you a killing machine. so if you are just looking to get ONE DLC or maybe a couple. this should be one of them that you consider. because these items will make your game go smoothly.. i really like this one. The design isn't looking good.. Heyho! The pack is quite nice, the weapon looks awesome and is more than usefull. The helmet is not exactly my kind of taste, but okay. The pet is extremely helpfull in stressfull combat situation because you can revive your teammates in less than a second. Apart from that, the bird is cool, even though this pack wont fit exactly into the post-apocalyptic-zombie-infested world. My girlfriend, who uses this pack, doesnt care - she thinks its pretty :) PRO: - usefull meele weapon, for smashing zombies and stuff - EXTREMELY usefull coop-pet Con/Neutral: - i dont like the helmet, take that as neutral point :) Conclusion: Great pack with nice additions.

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