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About This Game

Y'all ready for this?
Hoops VR is specially designed for the HTC Vive so you can live out the ultimate basketball free-throw challenge. Use the motion controls and shoot hoops as naturally as you would out on the court in a real basketball game. Compete online for the top of the global leaderboards as well as locally against your friends. There are a handful of different modes covering a range of difficulties making Hoops VR fun whether you're a noob or total baller!

  • Dynamic pop-up basketball hoops change location and keep the pace action-packed.
  • Normal mode based on actual real-world dimensions of standard basketball and hoop.
  • Easy mode with wider and closer basketball hoops keeps the game accessible for all.
  • Bonus Paper-Airplane Mode!
  • Bonus Garbage Mode!
  • Fun graphics and beautiful sounds.
  • Online and local Leaderboards to conquer.

Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR b4d347fde0

Title: Hoops VR
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Wizard Games Inc
Wizard Games Inc
Release Date: 20 Jun, 2016


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Very interesting game, but personally I just can't get used to basketball without the weight of the ball.

Beyond that, 4 game modes, easy, hard (smaller nets), trash (random shaped trash into trash cans) and planes (paper airplanes through hoops). After 3 baskets in a row, objects become flaming, which is kind of neat but ultimately just distracting.

In paper airplane, aiming it is very annoying because they are so large it takes up half the field of view.

All modes are timed, which I dislike as well, would be nice to just free play to practice the mechanics, but ultimately nothing really making me want to go back.. It's okay. There isn't much too it. Like people have said, the feeling is different since you dont have any weight to the basketballs. Also, it's more of a mini game. There isn't much to do as it gets repeatative. I whish there were maps, or actually at a basketball court. But it's fun, or at least a little fun with friends.. First off, I purchased this for the main purpose of hopefully having a nice basketball shooting game to play myslef and demo to friends. Now while playing I did enjoy the basketball games, the EASY MODE being great for the person who is not someone who would consider themselves a basketball player or someone with not to much skill at shooting hoops (that being me), and the HARD MODE is a substancially more difficult run as the hoops are smaller and requires your shots to me more accurate. After the basketball modes you have a mode which you throw various items of trash into trash bins, which is an ok game, more of a novelty to me as I dont really love it and some items prove to be vary difficult to get into the bin ( dam Tire Iron is like impossible to get in), But now the Paper airplane mode is a hidden gem for me, at first it was just a little bonus for me, but the more I played it, the more I loved it. The paper airplanes have a way better feel to throwing them because typically youd throw them with one hand and the feeling is great, and the rush when you go on fire and start sending them through the hoops quicker and quicker is amazing. The paper airplanes mode easily became one of my favorite arcade style games on VR and the grind to climb the global leaderboards makes it even better (at the time of this review [Jan 12, 2018] I am currently placed 8th on the global leaderboards for Paper Airplanes).

The only things i would love to see changed would be an addition to end game sooner than having to wait the whole minute and a half (would make it a lot easier for people going for really high scores to save time when the start a run off poorly), and maybe a slight tone down on the fire on the paper airplanes and the basketballs.

Possible additions (for the Dev):
- A longer time game instead of 1 min 30 sec
- A Sudden Death game (one missed shot and game over)
- An intergrated way to quit the game without having to use Steam VR to go home. (possible basketball hoop behind you that you can throw the ball in to quit)
- And finally maybe some FREE customization of the colors of the basketballs and paper airplanes.

Overall, easily one of my favorite games of VR that is less than $10.00. Would highly recommend this game to any VR owners.


*Game played on HTC Vive. Really fun and addicting. Just picked it up and started playing, next thing I knew I've been going at it for over an hour and I'm dripping in sweat lol.

-Simple yet kept my interest for an hour straight (didn't even move past easy yet)
-Scoreboard is nice (Reason why I didn't go past easy yet is because I wanted the high score first!)
-Controls are very simple
-Small, almost meaningless feature...but I really like how you can dribble the ball and try for bounce shots or just volleyball spike it for fun!

-Lack of music. Sure I can play my own music, but a nice tune in the background would be nice! I think I could get even more into it if there was.
-I dislike how a hoop can come up right in front of another and block your shot. It almost punishes you for scoring too quickly
-The fire from the ball can block your vision a bit. Would be nice to see it tuned down a bit (Though I love how the ball lights on fire. Reminds me of NBA Street lol)

That's really all the cons I got. Fun game, worth the $9-10. Simple yet addicting and fun!. Hoops VR is a casual fun basketball themed game. One of my favourite basketball themed games available in Virtual Reality so far. The design is nice, I particularly like the fire animation that occurs when you get a hot streak by shooting several hoops in a row, and I like the basketball court themed sound effects. There a three different modes to the game, shooting regular basketballs or shooting garbage into hoops, or alternatively shooting paper airplanes into rings. Although casual, there is a competitive aspect to this game with local and global leader-boards to compete on, which is always fun, and there is also a timer which adds a bit of a challenge to each mode. I\u2019ve found that it is difficult to find a game that accurately re-creates basketball in Virtual Reality due to the way we have to hold the controls, but this is one of the most enjoyable basketball games that I have found so far, and uses the controls to the best of their ability at this stage in VR development.

https:\/\/youtu.be\/McukxX7gmcU<\/a>. This is not basketball,...

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