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Gravity Ghost is a peaceful gravity hopper: Run, jump, and orbit your way through a handpainted galaxy. Join Iona the ghost as she searches for her lost best friend, the ghost fox. Explore a shattered galaxy and rescue its survivors, armed with powerups and mysterious terraforming powers. Meet the 7 magical guardians and best their challenges. There's no killing, no dying, no way to fail. Just hours of blissing out to buttery-smooth gravity goodness.


  • 100+ Levels of unique gravity challenges

  • 10+ magical powerups, including a gravity-warping 'terraforming' mechanic

  • Dynamic new soundtrack from the composer of FTL: Faster than Light

  • Beautiful handpainted graphics and wildly original creatures

  • Voice acting by Logan Cunningham, Ash Burch, and Sarah Elmaleh

  • 25+ minutes of fully animated story, hidden throughout game

  • Keyboard, mouse, and controller support

  • Optional English subtitles

  • Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Steam Achievements

Title: Gravity Ghost
Genre: Indie
Ivy Games
Ivy Games
Release Date: 26 Jan, 2015


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It's like if McMillen's Aether met Broken Age, which is an amazing combination if you ask me, especially since Aether is the only game that guy has ever made that I both liked and related to.

The "Great Soundtrack" tag is misleading though. This game doesn't have a great soundtrack. It has a serviceable soundtrack with questionable sample quality that is a little better than the things you'd find on newgrounds at the boon of flash games, but it is by no means "great" and I cannot recommend paying extra for the soundtrack edition. This is coming from someone who collects VGM and usually opts for the soundtrack edition of most games, but I'm glad to say that I decided to play this game before spending the extra $5 on the soundtrack.

That's my only real gripe, and I could go into why, but I doubt most people care. I find it interesting that the person who made this OST is apparently known for making the music to other games though, and I find that more than a little disappointing..
Summary: <\/u>
One of the unsung heroes of 2015, Gravity Ghost sets the mood for a touching story and yet backs it up with some nice gameplay that uses gravity rather well. The game has a strong visual aesthetic that seemingly uses southwestern USA influences (Pueblo?) that draws your attention but never distracts from the gameplay at hand. It's complemented by a haunting sound track that's not depressing, but fits the themes that the game is going for. The gameplay can be entertaining and frustrating at the same time: it definitely opens up once you get the float\/dive mechanics to get more control over your character, and the use of both of those mechanics to whip yourself around the planets can be good old fashioned fun: even if it may have frustration for some precision you will need. It's a game that won't wow you on gameplay, but will wow you on charm instead, and it's a shame that the game was exploited in terms of scammers\/people posing as youtubers (in a black market key investigation), because the game is a memorable one that may stick with those that have had people in their lives recently pass on. It's definitely worth picking up if you like stories with heart, and want some gameplay to boot.

Gameplay Footage and Video Review (part of a collection video): https:\/\/youtu.be\/mZnKPYCM5nk?t=598<\/a><\/b>

Lists: <\/u>

  • A touching story about loss and acceptance that pulls on the heartstrings. Good writing and voice acting helps to set the mood, but it's also not overly sappy as well.
  • Strong visual aesthetic that is unlike a lot of games out there. Has a child like feel to it and yet hits some heavy themes, but strong use of color is what stands out here.
  • A haunting soundtrack that fits the themes here, and yet isn't depressing surprisingly. Feels appropriate at every turn.
  • Core gravity mechanics are fun to just whip yourself around with not a care in the world. I'd make a joke about whipping your hair back and forth here, but let's be honest that meme is dead.
  • Honestly, it's one of those things where you may not make any progress in game, but you can have the time of your life just floating around the map.
  • Good addition of alternate mechanics like terraforming that are introduced at the right time to keep gameplay fresh.
  • It deserves mention that the developers seemed to have their hearts in the right place with the initial offer of a copy for friends, and even though they were scammed and hurt by people wanting to make a profit, still kept a positive outlook on things. <\/li><\/ul>
    • Do wish there was a timer to register how fast you could do a level. It does have a skill element that has me which for leaderboard functionality, for once.
    • When re-recording this, wish there was a easy way to record cutscenes. I know that seems like a youtuber complaining, but with some of the touching cutscenes here, it would be nice to be able to replay them easily.
    • Lacking some basic options. Like the ability to mute the sound within the game. Actually, no options whatsoever. <\/li><\/ul>. Oddly charming with a great story. Personally wasn't fond of the animation style in the cutscenes, but it grew on me by the end of the game and fitted the childlike essence of the story. Speaking of which, the story was surprisingly hard-hitting and I found myself wiping a tear from my eye when I had finished. Just one thing to bare in mind is that the controls are quite difficult to get to grips with, but even so it was a fun gaming experience with a moving story and soundtrack to match.. Pros:

      Excellent: music, story, storytelling, game mechanics, game play, voice acting, visuals (subjective but I enjoyed the style)
      Tiny Tina from BL2 (Ash Burch) and Narrator from Bastion (Logan Cunningham) are among the cast.


      The last few mazes are made more difficult to solve with limited screen view area.
      The final puzzle with Fox Guardian is ridiculously difficult if you are color blind (I had to bring in help.)

      10\/10 Wondrous achievement.. Beautiful style. Liked the story. kinda short. Might play it again some time.. Gravity Ghost is a beautiful physics platformer wrapped around a sweet and touching story. I'd rather not go into the story as it unfolds slowly and anything I say about it might be a spoiler.


      Super gorgeous artwork
      Fun music
      Novel gameplay
      Wonderful story


      Controls can be a little annoying especially when trying to catch a star in a specific location
      Story gets revealed slowly with lots of metaphors
      Game kinda short

      I recommend this game for anyone looking for an original experience, fun gameplay, and a great story.. Gravity Ghost is a beautiful physics platformer wrapped around a sweet and touching story. I'd rather not go into the story as it unfolds slowly and anything I say about it might be a spoiler.


      Super gorgeous artwork
      Fun music
      Novel gameplay
      Wonderful story


      Controls can be a little annoying especially when trying to catch a star in a specific location
      Story gets revealed slowly with lots of metaphors
      Game kinda short

      I recommend this game for anyone looking for an original experience, fun gameplay, and a great story.. Childlike without being childish, Gravity ghost is a much deeper experience than the first few moments suggest. The game follows a young girl named Iona as she traverses the cosmos to piece together memories that will ultimately tell her story. Gameplay revolves around (ha ha) making the most of Iona's ever-expanding control over the physical rules of the world. Some examples of her powers include becoming more massive to fall faster or becoming incorporeal to pass through objects. She also learns "terraforming" abilities that allow her to change the properties of the planetary bodies that form most of the game world.

      Just like the game, the story is a mix of whimsy and challenges, this time in the form of human interaction between Iona's family unit. The characters are voiced by several indie darlings such as Ashly Burch and Logan Cunningham. The story is told in snippets so at first it can be difficult to even understand the relationships between the characters. However, as you learn who they are and how they relate to Iona, you realize their connection to her celestial journey. The game's music is also noteworthy, as it is the work of Ben Prunty, the man responsible for the excellent FTL score. You can expect the same lonely and beautiful music in Gravity Ghost.

      I finished this game in one sitting (I clocked about 4 hours for 10% completion) so the game doesn't outstay it's welcome. The rate at which Iona gains new powers and abilities kept me completely hooked the entire time. I won't claim the story is mindblowing, but it is a touching tale of family and the way we, like the planets circling our star, have an invisible force keeping us together. I recommend it highly to fans of whimsical, innovative indie titles.

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