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Frisky Business Full Crack [portable Edition]

Frisky Business Full Crack [portable Edition]

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About This Game

Take the Case!
You are Mr. Falco Frisk, private detective of Frisk Investigative Solutions! Develop your relationships with your team as you take on your very first case. Dive into a sexy and strange adventure of hot babes and killer clowns!

Get the Girl!
3 college roommates Jenny, Lucy, and Balbina need your help, and maybe your love! Flirting and romance await, but just make sure to stop the dangerous clown before it's too late!

Gather Clues!
The devil, or in this case the clown, is in the details. Meet interesting and sexy characters, track down leads, and collect clues as you attempt to unravel the mystery of who is behind the creepy clown make-up!

Oh, did we mention there's a mini-game called STRIP TRIVIA? 'Nuff said.

Multiple Endings!
With 3 TRULY DISTINCT endings, you'll want to play this more than once to experience all the hotness! Are you good enough to get the TRUE ending? 7aa9394dea

Title: Frisky Business
Genre: Simulation
K Bros Games
K Bros Games
Release Date: 24 Mar, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP (SP2)+
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX® 9 Compatible Graphics Card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


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Amazingly funny game

Can't wait for chapter 2. First impression; got blasted away by waaaay too loud music, looked for Options, saw that there were no Options button, clicked Escape because hey this ain't my first rodeo, got to some kind of menue with some weird gun symbol that couldn't be clicked, save, load etc and a button with a music note on it. So basically music, and sound I assume, are either On or Off, NO volume controls! Biiiiiiig fat red flag there!

Started the game, okay the dialogue's pretty good, a few missing spaces in sentences and the names of locations are pretty much all misspelled somehow, for instance it says Girl's House, when there's 3 girls living there, it should be The Girls' House.

Picked Jenny because thought I'd go for the threesome route, goes pretty easy then wham, she hits me with some stupid trivia questions, wtf. A few quick searches aaaand, wth is this? A banana? Umm... So I start clicking around like crazy, okay you're supposed to fill that stupid crystal heart somehow? God this is stupid, so I click here and then uuuuh? Somehow make it through, then I finally realize you're supposed to click and rotate the banana anti clock-wise around her....
If you're thinking about buying this game only for the smut, let me repeat that sentence again for you, you click and rotate the banana cursor anti clock-wise around her, and that's it. Felt about as erotic and satisfying as dipping your arm into a clogged drain. Every single sex scene is nothing but that, anti clock-wise banana cursor rotation. No animations, just a still picture or two with some uninspired moan sound effects. Yeah you like that you life-less cut-away, you like me rotating the banana? *Ahrm* And this was with the "patch" installed as well!

Seriously, I dunno if they were trying to be hipstery and ironic or something, dumb as ♥♥♥♥ though, completely pointless, I never thought I'd see the day where they managed to make sex scenes a negative instead of an added bonus, there is zero point in having them. If they were intentionally trying to troll everyone who bought this game, mission accomplished, but that's not how you get return customers.

Anyways, continued, eventually got the threesome on my first try (more banana rotating) yadda-yadda aaaand bad end. So it turns out, that the only positive about this game, y'know the fun dialogue? Yeah, you're not supposed to have fun, if you pick the fun dialogue options, you lose. You have to suck up to everyone, including the *Minor Spoilers* creepy spore growing, gps implanting, k-pop look-a-like super nerd. How fun is that? Not a whole damn lot.

I did a second playthrough anyways, got a good ending, if you can call it that (do not pick Lucy, ever). And it was just awful having to click and click and click again and again, if you're going to do a visual novel style game without using Renpy, at least program the ♥♥♥♥ing thing to have the same basic functionality! How bout a skip button, a save function that isn't auto-save, end credits that you can click away instead of having to sit through them TWICE. The collectible items you get from girls, there is no way to view them, so you might as well not be getting them at all. Can't replay scenes either (why ever would you want to though) so no gallery. And after the end credits stopped rolling, suddenly it stopped registering mouse clicks in the game, it worked in the menue, but I had to manually restart the game to get it to work again.

TL:DR, as far as I'm concerned, there's only one reason to play this mostly broken game, for the dialogue, there is some slightly fun stuff in there, but like I said you get punished for picking those choices, so they ♥♥♥♥ed THAT up too. I got it for 0,99Euro though, got some entertainment for uh, dunno half an hour or so maybe, maybe an hour, so there's that, but as a visual novel style game this one is extremely lacking.. A perfectly fun way to spend a hour. More if you want the alternate endings. I really enoy this game, it doesn't take it self to seriously.. This game has a fun story with lots of different ways to play it out. PLay it several times to earn all the achievements.. haven't unlocked all the achievements yet but I enjoyed what I played. the game has a real indie feel and many of the choices in the game are very unintuitive but the game's logic is entertaining. could probably go back to complete the achievements but that would probably be a slog. The hour I played was a lot of fun. Well worth playing. It could use a bit more polish though, because there are some occasional spelling mistakes. Overall, game is very well written.. The art work got worse and worse and all the female character models were girls with oversized boobs and massive cleavage. I'd rather listen to actual bad porn acting. Those folks probably try more.. I bought this for a laugh, thinking of a nice art style and a bit of undercover romance. After all, i had just finished Doki Doki Literature club and i was in the mood for another VN. Doki Doki is a free visual novel, with a psychological aspect you won't get from any other visual novel. The characters all have their own plot for joining the club and the actual files for the game are riddled with Easter eggs. The death scenes live up to be some of the creepier I’ve seen. The Only thing holding Doki Doki back was Monika telling you how to delete herself, but they even tied that into the game, so i overlooked it. The game had a cutie art style too, solidifying it as the best visual novel i have ever played. i bought this with £0.81 in my steam account, left with 2 pence left. I began loading up the game and i was bombarded with loud music, of a jazz type. I then got into the save and load screen, which i started my first play through of the game, and i almost immediately noticed there wasn't a save button in sight. I only now realised i didn't press escape, but this is a visual novel and there has never been a need to, so i overlooked it. Then we got to the office, with no explanation of the 2 characters immediately shown. I struggled to work out who i was actually playing as. I worked it out after the first 2 dialogue selections. Then i was given the opportunity to go and help a cat out of a tree, with a character I’ll get into soon, who i can't even remember the name of. I was being the helpful man, and we head back to the office and that’s that. The character in question ends up giving Frisk (your character if i haven't mentioned) a set of cat ears, and she pops up out of nowhere. I told her i had work to do and that was literally the last time i remember seeing her. Now i think, i remember the name of the girl in Melonz because i remember thinking "i thought this would be an exotic drink bar or some sort of pub", but no, it’s a cheap Hooters. all of my choices in the game would have been avoided if the developer spent more time telling us what was happening through what Frisk sees and not dialogue, because the visual text was the simplest things like *turns on radio* or something like that. Once Again, Doki Doki had so much of this that i never questioned what was happening. I knew and had an explanation. Then again, the Grammar to almost everything was bad, even "the girls house", which was spelt as "the girl's house" Throughout the entire game. My ending was being killed, which i could have avoided if the game would tell me what happens. I don't even remember a set of instructions either, so when i got jenny and gitruid (however you bloody spell it) back into my apartment, i was just clicking, not knowing that i had to use a banana icon to rub their breasts and ♥♥♥♥♥♥l areas. This game is not the best in the world, i would not recommend it to the most beginners of players because even then the grammar was horrific and the story was empty. Even if you came for the sex scene, you will be disappointed, and thus i don't think this game should be 0.81 of the queens’ money.

Or in other words, Don't buy it.
. It's like an Italian giallo with porn. I love it!. The game has a satisfying, if short story. the game play (while very simple) could have used more features. While I would not mind a little more "content" (this is on Steam, so...), it does handle the dating aspect fairly well. All in all, there are better VN games out there, but Frisky Business is still worth it's price.. First--the game is intentionally terrible.
Stupid "hentai" game. I don't really think anyone bips their bop to this--but uh if you do don't be offended please~
It kinda has a....Newgrounds Dating Sim feeling to it. If you're into that try it out...but you'll finish the game pretty quick~

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