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Original Title: Three On The Trail

Genge: Action,Drama,Western




































Kane is the head of a gang rustling cattle and robbing stages. When Johnny breaks up one of the robberies, Kane sends his stooge Sheriff to arrest him for the robbery. After Hoppy rescues Johnny, Kane gets a wealthy rancher to offer a reward for Hoppy and Johnny dead or alive. Then he tells his men to bring them in dead.
An evil gang is involved in both cattle rustling and the robbing of stagecoaches. Hoppy must stop them without help from the sheriff who turns out be a major outlaw himself.
A cheap, lowdown, underhanded, thieving, whiskey and woman peddler tries to frame Hoppy and his sidekick for a stage robbery. He and his bought and paid for sheriff convince a local rancher to press charges and offer a reward of "dead or alive" for the pair. But they made a mistake messing with this steely eyed two gun buckaroo. Clouds of gunsmoke and barrels of lead were expended in this exciting tale.
Hoppy and Johnny arrive in Mesquite to pick up supplies, while a stagecoach comes at the same time with a coach full of dance hall girls for the saloon owned by Pecos Kane, who also happens to organize a band of rustlers. Kane robs a stage with supplies for British rancher JP Ridley (who doesn't think all the robbing is abnormal for a western town) and kills the driver. Kane frames the crime on Johnny (through Sheriff Corwin, who is a stooge for Kane), primarily because Johnny became friendly with Mary Stevens, the new schoolmarm, whom Kane had his lustful eye on. Hoppy prevents Corwin from taking Johnny into jail, so Kane ambushes Johnny and Hoppy and takes them to an isolated spot in the desert so Kane can convince the townspeople of their guilt. Hoppy and Johnny escape and trek their way through the desert and back to the Bar 20 ranch where he convinces Corwin, the other ranchers and hands to apprehend Kane, who has barricaded himself in the saloon (with Mary) to engage in a shootout with the ranchers. Very good Hoppy film being most notable as the first appearance by Hayes in his Windy Halliday role. Stevens makes for a notable adversary for Hoppy, but the script really didn't make much use for his acting talents. Evans is cute, but all of her scenes are useless to the rest of the film. Bretherton made excellent use of the location scenery, making this one of the more visual Hoppy films. Excellent climax to the film. Rating, based on B westerns, 7.

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