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About This Game

Five Elements is a real time strategy game about managing energies of five Taoist elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood). The hero is a monk in quest for Enlightenment.

The battlefield is the hero’s own mind, an energy-information structure composed of nodes of the five element energies and channels between them. The enemies are their sins, negative qualities, and negative energies.

Key Features:
  • Unique and fresh gameplay.
  • Carefully honed and balanced rules providing strategic variety.
  • Procedural and hand-crafted maps.

  • Dive deeply into your mind!
  • Face increasingly powerful enemies!
  • Learn to use the elements’ strengths and weaknesses!
  • Defeat your own vices!

Embrace Tao:
  • Obtain 40 levels of power!
  • Learn 8 spells able to turn the tide of even the most hopeless battle!
  • Transform your imperfect physical body into a body made of pure energy!
  • Unleash power of elements onto the Darkness of your mind!

And then…
Become Immortal 6d5b4406ea

Title: Five Elements
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Ivan Pestrikov
Ivan Pestrikov
Release Date: 24 Mar, 2017

English,Russian,French,German,Simplified Chinese

An interesting puzzle-tactical game, in which you need to master the elements and their interaction to occupy the board and prevent your opponents from doing the same. As you level up your character and the game grows to be more challenging, you get access to additional spells that will help you win \u2013 but your opponents can use those spells against you too. The game has very simplistic graphic concept (essentially connecting and occupying slots with elements represented by colors) and nice music, and is real-time based, though you can pause it to plan your next moves. I\u2019m quite enjoying it.. I am enjoying this game and how complex the gameplay gets to be over time.

To summarize, you are given a board with different nodes connected by edges. You are given 3 nodes under your control and each enemy is given 3 nodes under their control. The goal is to defeat the enemies by taking over or destroying all elements under their control. To do this you are given various abilities to affect the state of the board and the enemies also have abilities of their own they can use against you. As you level up, you can unlock new abilities and fight stronger enemies in an RPG style progression system.

Things I enjoyed the most:
- In-depth gameplay allowing for many different interactions
- RPG system allows for replayability by choosing different skills in different games
- Presentation is thematic and game assets feel like they belong in the same game.

Things that bugged me:
- 5 elements, each with 5 different interaction methods made for a steep learning curve. Some are intuitive like water destroying fire, but others are not, like wood destroying earth. It does keep to the Taoist philosphy of Wu Xing though.
- Steep difficulty spike at level 8 when anger is introduced, which is the first enemy that aggressively attacks you
- Enemies typically seem too dumb or too smart. Some boards seem unwinnable if you get multiple of the hardest enemies

Overall I recommend it if you are into playing a strategy game with complex interactions.. In the style of Biotix: Phage you wait until your pods grow enough to attack and take over the other pods. BUT this time you try to fight aginst fear and rage and so on in order to cleanse your consciousness to reach enlightenement. You gain upgradable spells to freeze or regenerate a pod or to draw new lines of attack. The really clever part: the five colors used have a rock-paper-stone-lizard-spock countering system. Each color has a neutral opponent, one that it destroys, one that it absorbs, one that it heals and one that it is powerless against. A nice touch, setting it aside from the other games with this style of play, making it an actually challenging RTS of some sort. Has different modes and (not so) deep wisdom presented in the story bits.

A nice one. If you don't know if you'd like it, try one of the browser versions like the aforementioned Biotix game. Then come back if you found one of these compelling.

Follow me as a curator at http:\/\/store.steampowered.com\/curator\/28337205-Fair-Minded-Witness\/?appid=298050<\/a>. Great game, Developers still putting effort into making it better. Fun puzzle game, powers make it interesting. Easy to get started, hard to master. Makes you think a bit when you get near the end. I will probably put another 20 hours in later on, lots of other games to play for now.

My rating 8\/10 - AKA great game for price.. The mechanics of this game are interesting and i have to admit i feel a bit bad that i picked it up during the winter sale, since it's probably worth the regular price.
One thing that bugs me though is the difficulty....until you unlock envy the game is pretty easy, but afterwards i had problems getting through the second round most of the time....sometimes, depending on the enemies, i even got defeated within the first 2 minutes. Could be bad rng or me just being too stupid....anyway...once you hit lvl 19 it gets a lot easier again...even the "final battle" being way easier than most meditations before.

Aside of the weird difficulty and the sometimes pretty annoying bug when using the link spell it's a pretty solid and fun game.. One of the early levels have only 3 first actions, and they all fail, making the level unsolvable. The meditation levels have a time limit which also makes them imposible to solve. Other levels are only playable when the unsolvable are solved. This make the game useless by design.. Fun game. Plan to play more.. Very interesting mechanic. Loads of potential.


No key rebinding. Making everything mouse control only.

Awkward touch UI using mouse (see prev point) = Often won't register the initial 'Link' ability click. (Bug?)

Often, spell effects obscure the element of the target node making it almost impossible to know which it is until the effect wears off. A simple hover over element name would help.

Until you've grinded your way through the levels to unlock the element switching spell, you are often totally blindsided by stages where there is no way you can win, due to random element starts. If not initially, a SINGLE mistaken capture by the wrong element will cause it.

While you can pause the game, there is no way to scroll the map while paused. The fact that the game FORCES a standard zoom level makes this frustrating. Why even have a zoom feature if you forcefully auto reset it?

It is obvious this is an abandoned, port, from mobile devices so I find no reason to expect any of the above issues to get resolved so, I am unable to recommend this title.

That is, unless you think it is worth the risk during its regularly deep discounts.
. Simple GENIOUS. nothing more to say about this one my friends.

all thumbs up for developer

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