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Fast Food Fighters Activation Code [serial Number]

Fast Food Fighters Activation Code [serial Number]

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About This Game

The game presents us with a very unique group of farm animals that tired of the abuse of the big chains of Fast food decide to oppose them; Armed and trained to fight, our heroes must make their way through every restaurant and fight to stop their evil machinations ... or be cooked in the attempt.

Select a fighter through the incredibly dangerous restaurants surviving waves of delicious but dangerous minions to face the evil bosses whose sole purpose is to cook you!

Acquire incredible rewards, discover secret places, and buy powerful items to raze everything at your pace.

Infernal restaurants: A randomly generated culinary maze combined with a fresh and comical aesthetic, secret rooms full of loot, walls and doors made by hand and endless enemies waiting behind every door.
Each restaurant has dangerous missions that must be overcome to move on to the next one and each time we get closer to our goal the challenges increase and also the enemies that we will encounter.

Fast food: The maximum exponent of food consumption will try to kill you (literally) food minions armed the teeth ready to fight! Fortunately fast food fighters will not give up on these threats!

FastFoodfighters: Choose between our different Fighters, animals full of courage and gallantry (not to mention cute) each with their own characteristics and abilities, they will not rest in their fight against restaurants, they will shoot, dodge, smash, squawk and fart to your enemies until you defeat them.

Weapons: Unlock incredible weapons of destruction and unleash chaos on your enemies! discover machine guns, shotguns, pistols, lasers, gas, fire, poison and many others!

Items: Discover powerful artifacts hidden everywhere or obtain them by defeating the different bosses and become an immovable force, you want to be faster, stronger
You want to poison your enemies with deadly gasses maybe hit them while you move or even summon swarms of deadly flies. 7aa9394dea

Title: Fast Food Fighters
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Early Access
Unstoppable Studio
Unstoppable Studio
Release Date: 26 Feb, 2019


fast food street fighters. fast food tributo a foo fighters. fast food fighters steam. fast food fighters. fast food freedom fighters

If You Like Binding You Will Love This Just As Much Cant Wait To See Where This Game Goes <3. Fast Food Fighters is a bullethell roguelite arcade shooter with a lot of potential. The characters are amazingly fun and cute to the point you can't believe those little guys are the "heroes" that have to fight the resistance against evil fast-food chains.

The gameplay is quite easy to get used to, your classic aim and shoot with mouse and move with W,A,S,D. you can do a "barrel-roll" with the right click and there you have all you need to kite and shoot your way to the BOSSES.

BOSSES, this is where the game SHINES... The bosses are AMAZING, they're fun to look at, theyre fun to play against, theyre tricky and challenging and you really want to kill those bastards when you see them, the boss design are non existant cliches that finally have real form in this game.

Negative things? yeah, like all early access games there are flaws, its super fun that the maps re generate in a different way everytime you retry but after killing some minions you are left there in the big map with nothing to do, nothing to collect and not knowing where to go cus everywhere looks quite the same. It would be great if they could add more things to do in the game while exploring.

Sound, The music is GREAT but the game fx could improve a lot, still, we're talking about an early access game in progress and there IS room for improvement there.

In general Fast Food Fighters is a game with cute characters, fun story, challenging but easy to get in to the gameplay and playstyle. Kudos to Unstoppable Studio for making a fun game for the indie community. Hope they can add more and better content to the game!

Alpha 1.2:

We have been working hard to offer you a more stable version of Fast Food Fighters. We are aware of many of the issues that come within each patch, trying our best to deliver as fast as possible, and we ask of you to continue giving us valuable feedback as its proving a great and most welcome help.

We are also happy to announce that the next version, Alpha 2.0, will contain a great deal of new features, such as a brand new level, its respective boss fight, new items and more. Coming soon!

New features

  • Shortcuts have been added
  • New shortcuts have been added, now its possible to swap weapons with buttons 1, 2 and 3 as default
  • Improved minimap visibility with a zoom-out option
  • Improved spatial awareness on the minimap by adding a current-location marker
  • Lil' Luigi boss fight has been revised and improved
  • Boss fights now play their own unique themes
  • Bosses now show up in the Stats menu
  • An unwanted behavior in Audio Settings has been revised
  • Enemy spawning has been greatly improved
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a critical issue with performance degradation
  • Bosses now deal damage on contact with the player
  • Mr. B's Store now saves the spent currency progress
  • Fixed an issue with enemy weapons spawning in unwanted areas
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing doors
  • Fixed an issue with certain player items spawning in incorrect locations
  • Fixed a number of audio related issues
  • Fixed an unwanted behavior in certain player items
  • Fixed several issues within level rooms
. Alpha 1.1:

We, from Unstoppable Studio, thank you for your support on our first major project. After a long time of hard work we have finally released Fast Food Fighters, a passion project born from the team's love towards the rogue-lite genre. Here comes our first patch, fixing few unfortunate bugs and already launching our first major improvement in gameplay. We will continue to work diligently in order to improve our game even further, patch after patch.

  • Progressive difficulty has been added
  • Improved enemy behavior
  • Enemy spawn has been greatly improved
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a critical issue with certain items
  • Fixed a bug with level-to-level transition
  • Fixed a certain bug in Boss Fights
  • Fixed an issue with weapons
  • Fixed an issue related to how rooms spawn

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