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Rachel goes out drinking every night. Anthony plays his videogames. The machinery beneath the world keeps right on ticking. Epanalepsis is a narrative-focused point and cli 5d3b920ae0

Title: Epanalepsis
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Cameron Kunzelman
Release Date: 21 May, 2015


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Short. Pretentious. Basic. More like the sort of thing you'd expect out of a free art game than a $7 'adventure.' There are no puzzles. The text, which hold the story and thus the draw of the game, sometimes is cut off the edge of the screen, and there are more than a couple typos, breaking immersion and posing an inconvenience. Perhaps playing the game multiple times would help to promote an understanding of the story -- though I can hardly imagine how -- but after the short and frankly boring first run, I feel no desire to further delve into the game. It's not very gripping. I only felt the need to finish it to get my five dollars' (on sale) worth. The characters walk slowly, too.. Play this game if you like weird adventures games with cool music. I can't really say that I like it all that much, but I'd backed it on Kickstarter and previously played Catachresis, so I played it through, once. There are probably multiple endings, but I usually don't try to play through to multiple endings. It was a cool weird story that I didn't really understand much, but that's okay.. I found it moving, but then again I also want to die. Play if you like: kate zambreno, schopenhauer, judith butler.. A short walkie. Vague, troubling, atmospheric. Resigned. Dedicated to filmmaker Lars Von Trier, and feels a lot like Melancholia . Effective musical ennui by John Fio. Marred by a few bugs and typos. But if you liked La Molleindustria's Every Day the Same Dream, this will probably work for you.. A short walkie. Vague, troubling, atmospheric. Resigned. Dedicated to filmmaker Lars Von Trier, and feels a lot like Melancholia . Effective musical ennui by John Fio. Marred by a few bugs and typos. But if you liked La Molleindustria's Every Day the Same Dream, this will probably work for you.. Seems to be interesting, although I am getting tired of all these pixel artsy games : / The playthrough is till going on so I can't pass down judgement too much as of yet, but first impressions seem to make it quite alright so far. The few bad things I can come up with at the start is that the resolution is a thing which annoys me a lot and the lack of sound options.. A short video game about causality, technology, and things which lie just beyond the horizon of our understanding. The game creates a really strong sense of atmosphere with its minimalist pixel art, fantastic soundtrack, and clever writing. Epanalepsis is a great way to spend an afternoon.. Epanalepsis is a game that rewards multiple playthroughs. It never offers easy answers to its mysteries but it begins to fall into place as you play through again and again. This is borne out in the narrative itself. Each chapter offers the player with a choice, but the results of these choices are already made clear to the player before the choice is even made. What results is a game that plays out similarly to Chris Marker's La Jetu00e9e: No matter where the story's time travellers end up, no matter what choices are made, the same cycles will repeat, much like the game's rhetorical namesake.. Epanalepsis is some more damn fine storytelling from the creator of Catachresis. It's a short story, cardinally structured with three POV characters who inhabit the same space in different times through a kind of Nietzschean reincarnation device. I like it because playing the game feels like a ritual; you repeat the same montage of events in each of the game's acts: an introductory dream sequence, a mundane fetch quest, and finally a walk down a street (the same street in each story) to make a delivery, before being yanked out of your life by the overarching science-fiction framing narrative which remains elusive even after the game ends. (I'm going to spoil the general storyline from here on out.) In the first story, we get a glimpse into the life of a young, independent woman in the 1990s. Typical point-and-click adventure narrative techniques piece together this archetype: the personal importance of Judith Butler, dealing with roommates, one-sided pestering calls from mum, zines, and rowdy rock clubs are all part of this tapestry. Then we jump ahead to the near-present day, in which we live the life of a gamer whose escape from life is not dreams and cultural theory but his overwhelming immersion in the commercialisation of video games. His apartment is adorned exclusively with game figurines and posters, with contemporary cultural references (which if you're the sort of person who reads Steam reviews, you'd be intimately familiar with) that are at their thinnest-veiling towards Indie Game: The Movie and Monkey Island. The only books he reads are the novelisations of his favourite MMO. Then when we take the now-familiar trek down the street, what was once the rowdy rock club has been gentrified to a fairtrade, organic cafe complete with a pitch-perfect, bearded barista straight outta any such place in Melbourne. This centre act is perhaps where the game is at its heavy-handest, but the developer should be commended on his commentary on modern, commercialised life and gamer culture for being neither contemptuous nor shallow; it's simply how folks find meaning today, and the game treats it with the same reverence as it treats our first protagonist's tastes and priorities. And using the form of an indie game itself (or, if you won't, an art-game) is the most apt place to paint such a portrait. In the final story, which is the most interesting and unique, we are placed in the shoes (or wheels, as it were, in a refreshing change of literal pace) of a robot in a near-future dystopia. The narration style of the classic, point-and-click adventure is twisted to mediate a robot's point of view of the world. Each mouseclick qua 'examine' verb sets off an overzealous desire to REPORT ILLEGAL TERRORIST ACTIVITY and interactions with humans takes on a Sam & Max 'little buddy' tone, undercut with reminders that. you *do* realise there's a human behind the controls of this, right? Yes, yes, but look at the cute, little guy zip around! Way to go! Yeah! Set off that bomb! .What? There are a couple of choices to make in the game and an ending of sorts and although I haven't played the game more than once, I get the sense that any divergence from the narrative ultimately won't change much; that these characters are resigned to fate, as the mysterious, sci-fi visitors keep trying to tell us. And I like that. It gives you something to reflect on and leaves unsaid what needs to be unsaid, rather than trying to cram a complex, branching narrative of choice and consequence into your brain. It absolutely succeeds in conveying a sense of place, tone, theme, and atmosphere. Don't come looking for a satisfying, resolving story, because there's not even the intention of that being on offer. Instead, expect good and stylish storytelling and plenty of thought and attention to carry a one-hour experience.

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