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About This Game

We’ve crafted a beautiful universe for you to uncover and explore at your own pace. Fly through levels, dodging and evading enemies before they have a chance to react. Or explore leisurely, mastering each world and uncovering all its secrets. Either way, Ellipsis will keep you on your toes with surprises from start to finish.

“It's like the best parts of Geometry Wars” - Tycho Brahe (Founder of PAX, Penny Arcade)

Ellipsis is designed with a clean minimalist interface and absolutely ZERO text. It lets the player explore at their own pace while gently guiding them, thus producing an incredible pick-up-and-play experience.


• 150+ unique hand-crafted and increasingly hard levels, set in 8 diverse worlds
• Level editor with Steam workshop support
• Pick up and play for all ages
• Beautiful minimalist graphics
• Zero text - Accessible to a global audience
• Mouse, Controller and Touchscreen support, playable on 2-in-1 Touch PCs
• Windows, Mac & Linux support


• Designed by Yacine Salmi and Stefan Hell
• Beautiful soundscape by Filippo Beck Peccoz
• Community and PR: Christopher Wulf and Felix Kramer
• Special thanks to Alex Zacherl, Johannes Roth, Max Wandinger

And a big THANKS to you, the player.

ELLIPSIS (noun): an intentional omission from a text without altering its original meaning. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Ellipsis
Genre: Action, Indie
Salmi Games
Salmi Games
Release Date: 25 Jan, 2017

English,French,Italian,German,Arabic,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese,Japanese,Russian,Romanian,Danish,Dutch,Greek,Korean,Portuguese,Thai,Turkish,Bulgarian,Czech,Finnish,Hungarian,Norwegian,Poli

I played this game on iOS, and absolutely loved it. The PC version took a little getting used to with the mouse, but the controls are still great and there are some new levels that weren't in the iOS game. Also, the level editor looks awesome - I think that's going to be a lot of fun! Because levels don't take a long time and you can pause as soon as you let go of the button, this game is great for those days where you're doing something really monotonous at home and want something entertaining to break it up.. Ellipsis to me was a great game to be played in short bursts. Play a few levels, cause they're all really short levels, and once I felt like I was hitting a wall I would step away for a few minutes then come back later. Most of the time that would lead to me completing that level I was having a hard time with. If I was still having trouble I would try one of the different levels that branch off from the path I was on and progress from there. Overall I really enjoyed my time with Ellipsis. It's got a cool "Geometry Wars" like style to it with simple controls and levels that will definitely challenge you. Plus there's a level creator that will let you put your games on the Steam Workshop if you're into that.. Ellipsis is a beautifully designed minimalist puzzler which demands fast mouse skills too - highly recommended!. I love the minimal but vibrant look of Ellipsis. The sound effects are dope too. Its challenging as well as weirdly calming in the same time. It\u2019s a great game with a great idea behind it!

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