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Original Title: Dead And Alive: The Race For Gus Farace

Genge: Mystery,Action































Both sides of the law hunt Costabile ''Gus'' Farace (Tony Danza) for slaying a federal drug agent in 1989 New York.
As in the New York magazine, and in the movie they have an error:

1) New York magazine has a Detective from the 62 Pct stating when asked by a reporter, "How did he (Farace) look?" "Dead" States the detective, "What do you mean dead?", "Dead is dead" states the detective. 2) In the movie they have a DEA agent stating that to another DEA agent.

Both accounts are wrong - the statement was made by one of the first responding officers on the scene, off the record to a reporter. Uniforms were not allowed to comment and referred all questions to DCPI (Deputy Commissioner of Publc Information). As noted in the news conference following the shooting, the responding officers, who also identified the passenger in the car as Farace, were not even allowed in the conference. This is the fact-based story of Gus Farace, a wannabe mobster who kills an undercover federal DEA agent because he thinks he's a drug snitch. At the time the movie was filmed, it was the largest ever federal manhunt in U.S. history (and I believe it still is as of 2006).

In order for the feds to find him, they start harassing known mob associates of Farace to the point where their mob operations are being considerably hindered. The mob is afraid that if Farace is captured, he will give out secret information regarding certain members of the crime family. Therefore, the mob "puts out a contract" on Farace to have him killed before the feds get to him - hence the name Dead (the mob wants him dead) and Alive (the feds want him alive).

The story does a fairly good job of sticking to the facts. If you like mob movies, this one would be worth your while to see.

I have the DVD version of the movie and I think the director (Peter Markle) gives one of the most boring commentaries I've ever heard. There are so many things that happened in this movie (I know because I was an extra) and he never really mentions them. Also, when watching the commentary, he goes for minutes on end without saying one word (and you cannot hear the sound of the movie in the background).

***Spoiler Warning*** In the end, the mob gets to Farace first, pumping him with several bullets.

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