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Defense Of Castle Chilly Crack Unlock Code And Serial

Defense Of Castle Chilly Crack Unlock Code And Serial

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About This Game

Defense of Castle Chilly is a Virtual Reality game written specifically with room-scaling in mind. Use Archery and Magic to defeat hostile armies in this Adventure and Defense hybrid. Gameplay is challenging and the world is filled with secrets to discover.

Skill and intuition are a must if you expect to stand in the way of the invading forces.
The bow and arrow mechanics are far more involved than your average archery shooter - it's up to you to keep your quivers re-stocked, and to learn advantageous techniques like speed-loading, enchanting, as well as plenty of unadvertised tricks that I hope you get the pleasure of discovering yourself.

Adventure mode often takes you outside the castle walls and presents unique battle situations, puzzles and challenges. Each episode introduces something new and these encounters also unlock minigame modes for you to enjoy even more replay-ability.

While following this story driven mode you'll be fighting in large battles, boss fights, exploring the castles secrets, and thinking your way out of predicaments. Still heavily in development, Chapter 1 Episode 1 & 2 are available now, and a preview to Chapter 2 is also provided during early access.

In Endless mode, the goblin army mounts their attacks in progressively more difficult waves. There is time inbetween each wave for you to explore the interior of the castle to resupply, solve puzzles and explore. Items found within the castle may differ slightly each time you play, and are useful for granting new spells and abilities. The enemies have lots of tricks to throw at you, from simple grunts to sharpshooters and battering rams the further you get the crazier things will be. If you die, the game is over. If the castle gate is breached - you will fall back inside the castle to protect the throne until your inevitable defeat (see also 'Last Stand' under Minigames)

Endless mode has a global leaderboard, can you make the top 10?

Defense of Castle Chilly contains several minigames which allow you to earn highscores and experience new ways to enjoy specific aspects of the game. More minigames will be added as the game develops during Early Access.
  • Last Stand

    This minigame allows you to skip the rest of the gameplay of Endless mode and go straight to a variation of the throne room scenario (this is when the castle has been breached, and it is your duty to protect the throne until your last breath).

    In 'Last Stand' there is no rest, and nowhere to run, just you standing between the throne and the invading forces. Kill as many as you can, survive as long as possible! You will be quickly swarmed and overrun by goblins, it will get your heart racing!
  • Deer Hunt

    This minigame gives you a break from the intense battles to do some simple hunting in the forest (where nothing is trying to kill you for a change). This game is a test of accuracy and patience. You start with 15 arrows, and will be awarded more if your accuracy is good enough. Your final score will be total game kills. Take your time, make the shot!
  • PC Overlord

    A special mode for Local Versus, read more in the 'Local Versus' section below

You can have a buddy help you out with the keyboard/mouse or gamepad. The second player joins in as a small flying Fairy, capable of shooting magic bolts and casting spells designed specifically for assistance (The Fairy is a support character). Local Co-Op can be used on majority of game modes and any play style (ie: Endless/Last Stand/Campaign), just press 'A' on your gamepad or 'Ctrl' on the keyboard to tag in as the Fairy. Spells include healing, shielding, fireballs and the ability to remotely guide the players arrows!

An online guide is available for tips on how to use the Fairy: http://defenseofcastlechilly.com/guides-local-co-op

"PC Overlord" is a special game mode for Local Versus

Forget co-op, this time, the PC player gets the chance to battle AGAINST the VR player, by taking command of the goblin army! Will the VR player survive all waves? or will the Overlord prevail?

As the PC player, you plan what comes out of the portal, issue strategic commands, upgrade the goblins, launch bombardments from your catapult, and use special overlord spells to enhance units and outwit your opponent.

As the VR player, your skill and wits will be challenged by your opponents birds-eye control of the battlefield and unique abilities.

An online guide is available for tips on how to use the Overlord: http://defenseofcastlechilly.com/guides-pc-overlord

Sometimes, as part of the adventure mode, you'll need to solve puzzles to progress.
It isn't all about the combat, while you're catching your breathe, you'll be using your mind. Puzzles within Castle Chilly are not complex, but they aren't always obvious either, there are usually no prompts to hold your hand, it's up to you to notice that something's a'miss, and let your natural curiousity take over. Most puzzles are physically based, expecting you to think like you're physically there (rather than think like you're playing a game).

Endless mode will also have you discovering mystical rooms and unlocking the castles secrets and puzzles along the way.

Castle Chilly is designed to make full use of VR, this is a 100% room-scale walking experience, no 'blink' style teleportation or any other 'locomotion'. Instead, magic doorways, staircases, elevators and moving platforms are your passage to other rooms and areas, you'll be walking in circles and back and forth in the real world, but exploring a vast castle and battlefield in the virtual world. In other words, you traverse this world using your own two feet. The environment adapts to your available room space, ensuring your virtual world space closely matches your real world space. (Your rooms in Castle Chilly may differ slightly to your friends, if your play sizes differ).

Play Styles

  • Arcade Mode

    Recommended for new players - you have only a back quiver, and your arrows are unlimited (no reloading!), this style is much more consistent to other archery games and allows you to focus on the action.
  • Classic Mode

    Take full advantage of the advanced archery techniques this game has to offer. You have a Hip & Back quiver and must properly manage your supply of arrows. This allows for cool techniques like speed-shooting and spell stacking, and also means improved arrows can be found and used. However, this play style is difficult to master.

This game also has several secret techniques and secret spells that I hope you get the pleasure of discovering through your own experimentation. (These are totally undocumented, no help, no guides, just you and your curiosity) 7ad7b8b382

Title: Defense of Castle Chilly
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Lord of the Stack
Lord of the Stack
Release Date: 15 Dec, 2016


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or better
  • Processor: Intel i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 970
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 6 GB available space


Excellent VR game! For those of you afraid of "just another bow and arrow game", have NO FEAR! It's actually quite the contrary. Lord of the Stack has made sure there are elements of exploration, varying creatures (smaller trolls, overbearing crazy-big giant enemies, etc), levels where you have to jump on different moving planks in burning hot lava (Mario-like), magic portals, and stunning visuals and excellent physics and game-play throughout.

Honestly - there is a lot to this game that I didn't even get to and it looks like more is being added as we speak. EXCELLENT BUY for only $10 (really, IT'S A STEAL). Honestly, for all the hours that had to be put into this game, it really could be priced higher because it's excellent quality and has great depth. I'm likely going to buy another copy for one of my friends (after Christmas) just because I want to support the developers bc I know it's a rough gig out there and I really appreciate you guys making these quality VR games.

Side note - everytime I lost to a wave of goblins and got transported to the throne room to fight inside the castle - holy smokes those goblins made me scream because it is so freaking intense when you get over-taken!! I LOVE IT!!. There is a gamebreaking bug (for some people), that doesn't allow you to proceed at the end of the tutorial, but read the developers advice in 'Discussions' for hints to fix the problem. He will point you to a specific profile file, try his suggestions but If it still doesn't work, change 'Tutorial=0' to 'Tutorial=1', and it will unlock the rest of the stages. It's really a shame, because this is a great game, and hopefully the dev can just change that number for everyone, regardless of them using the tute. Still do the tute, though. The bug is only when trying to 'leave' the tutorial. Great work though, Dev.. game needs alot more work. barely enjoyable

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