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De'Vine: Card Battles Activation Code [serial Number]

De'Vine: Card Battles Activation Code [serial Number]

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About This Game


A strategic CARD battle system with over 300+ unique cards to collect!
Many battles that also include boss battles for extra depth!
Fast paced and challenging!


WARNING: Outcome of the battle is determined by your strategy not luck!
  • No card draws = No RNG.
  • You bring your build of ANY seven cards into battle and try to outwit the
    enemies build.
  • Many many different battles and strategies needed!
  • All unique mechanics. No rip-off mechanics from other Non-De'Vine games.
  • If this is too much thinking for you, then this is not your type of game.

Set forty years after the events of the last Dark Hero: Kuan, the world is at peace.
That is until the cards which were used to trap the essences of monsters start losing their
enchantment. Causing the seal to dissipate. Monsters start becoming unhinged and it is
up to a very skilled card master to track down the source of this evil and put an end to it!

  • Tower of Ascension: Ever increasing difficulty the higher up the tower
    you go. How far up can you make it before you are squashed!?
  • Tournament!: Face up against 16 other participants to try and make
    it in the Hall of Champions!
  • Boss Battles: Battle against powerful creatures that will take your whole
    lineup to destroy!
  • Over 300 unique cards to collect: Collect cards after each battle or essences
    which you can use to buy more cards to add to your collection!
  • Endless card setup combinations!
  • Auto-Battle to test builds!
  • Sixteen playable characters! Find them all!
  • Ultra-Bosses pose a big threat and are found in high tower levels!
  • Some cards can change the stats of the battlefield or even boost your whole team!
  • Story set 40 years after the events of De'Vine: World of Shadows.
  • Completely voiced narration as you progress through the story.
  • NEW. Card elements:. Each card has an element and properties tied to them:
    • Earth: Immune to negative status effects.
    • Water: Heals adjacent cards when killed.
    • Fire: Gets an extra attack when under 50% life.
    • Air: Gains ability to dodge an attack every other turn.
    • Unliving: Immune to healing, but comes back to life on it's own.
    • Angelic: Sacrifices itself to save a fallen card.
    • Life: Capacity is 1 lower than normal.

Title: De'Vine: Card Battles
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Release Date: 15 Mar, 2019


meh not much to do. Love this card game! Nicely implemented into its own game. De'Vine: The Card Battles is based on the card minigame of its predecessor - De'Vine: World of Shadows. The card game was already good in World of Shadows, but here it became amazing. With 300+ cards and new card traits that weren't in World of Shadows, there are countless deck builds you can try. This will be an easy to learn but hard to master experience, you will find yourself discovering new strategies even when you are at the very end of the game. RNG has little to no impact in this game, you will pre-select your cards for each battle, so strategy is what matters most to achieve victory in this game.

Storywise, the game is set in the same universe of the previous game, obviously. You can find mention and\/or cards about characters present in World of Shadows, which is nice if you played it. I won't spoil it but it is an interesting story, specially if you completed and liked World of Shadows.

This game has an extremely good price per game value, it is very cheap, I played and enjoyed it more than I played games that cost 10x more than its price. And if you have not played World of Shadows, you will probably need more time than I needed to fully complete the game, increasing even further the game value. Personally, I think this game should be more expensive, you can see that the developer put a lot of effort and love into creating the De'Vine universe.

Honestly I don't get these less than 1 hour negative reviews, people didn't even give a chance to the game. Yes, the interface is a little confusing at first, just take your time to get used to it and to the game controls and you will be good to go. One thing you should know is that the game is completely singleplayer, at least for now. I don't mind that, I actually prefer PvE experience, but some people expect multiplayer, so consider yourself warned.

Also, the developer is extremely responsive, he quickly fixes bugs when people report it to him, he added a lot of content since the release of the game, he always answered my questions about game mechanics and he can even give you hints about strategies, because he plays it too.

TLDR:<\/b> De'Vine: The Card Battles is a solid singleplayer card game with very high value and I fully recommend it.. This is not a card game, it's a turn based battle game with cards as avatars but no deck, no drawing, barely any customizing. Refund for me.

I recommend the game because the dev does seem passionate about his product, despite it not being my cup of tea.. Edit: The developer has addressed the issues listed here; game is currently working super smoothly.

Super cool game, really fun and as a fan of the card minigame in WoS (and WoS in general), this is very nice to see.
I had a few issues though which I will list below, along with my opinions on how to improve them:

- After beating the game for the first time and hearing all the story, I wanted to keep "grinding" the campaign in a similar way it can be done in the Tower; but I'm only able to skip the text at 4x Speed, while the voice keeps playing the same way. This gets really tiring after a while, and it's basically making me want to play on Tower of Ascension only, which is a restriction I would like to not be there. I found out though that when I travel to the Tower and then back to the first level of the campaign, sometimes I'm able to completely skip cutscenes, before it stops working again (seems random). I really enjoyed the story, but I'd like to be able to skip all cutscenes after finishing the game so I can grind the campaign in a faster pace.

- Sometimes I can already tell there's no way to win a battle, and I want to quit to the menu to immediately make changes in my deck; or simply give up if the fight is too tough for me, but there's no way to quit. It would be nice if there was a way to interrupt the fight and return to the menu.

- At first I really liked the character Winree, she's pretty cute and I wanted to keep playing her; but after a few hours It became evident to me that healing isn't an efficient strategy. While you spend turns to revive your fallen cards, Unliving enemies can simply maintain unstoppable pressure while their units revive automatically. I feel like healing-based decks fall at a disadvantage when it comes to reviving, since so many "action points" are required, sacrificing potential damage just so a card can come back at half HP... healing decks are inefficient on maintaining momentum when it comes to damage, but also lack the ability to come back when they eventually fall behind. Maybe healing-based revival needs to become a bit more viable?

- Last but not least, I did get used to the deck arrangement after a while, but I still think it could use some improvement. There's no way to directly remove a card from your deck, leaving a blank spot to be occupied by another card; this oftenly makes it awkward to change the deck, and I end up replacing all my cards with 1-cost ones so I have space and capacity to create a new deck idea. Another issue with arrangement is that when browsing cards for the deck, the pictures of the cards stop showing up, so it's necessary to stop and go back to the previous card in the list, that temporarily solves the issue until it happens again, so it's necessary to do this many times. So in my opinion, there are three ways deck arrangement could become better: 1 - Make it possible to remove a card, leaving a blank spot. 2- Fix the bug where the card pictures don't show up. 3 - Allow the player to add cards to the deck even if there's not enough capacity. Of course; that formation wouldn't be able to be saved, but this would enable the player to explore more possibilities during deck arrangement before settling with the final formation.

I'm still having a good time with the game though, keep up the good work!. (Edit) When i first playing this game i liked it alots. I wished to see this game getting better, so i decided to support this game since the day of the game release. Of course the developer is very active in community.

Sounds like a good game and good developer right? Yeah it is indeed. Many of you might question me right now, then why would i thumb down now after playing 130+ hours? Isn't that too late for this?

Many things happen including the any criticism and negative complain that developer of this game can't take. Last thing i did before i quit was pushing him to release new patch content because the announcement was on 14.04.2018. First it was delayed for 1 day>announce tonight release again>then delayed over and over. 5 days after i had enough, so i decided to say or push him that "
You can't keep it like this until next sunday<\/b>. Now...is that malicious? I dunno....because after i saying this then his partner decided to came up and had a looooooong chat with me.

That last until he knew what i said was a joke. Of course he pm me immediately after his partner teach me a lesson of my mistake "malicious" complaint like nothing happen. Did he care how i would react after all of that? Probably not.

When i'm saying i'm disappointed in him after all of that then you know what happen? He called me being "malicious" and showing my true colors of evil. Wow seriously....Not even any apologize from him or his partner and this is what i deserve after all support i have done? Getting called being "malicious" cuz i just want the developer work faster. Just wow....

I was doing it all for free and not even asked anything in return because i like the game with unique gameplay style that i have never seen before. And yet after 1 push from me then the developer decided to turn his back to me. I don't even know what to say anymore.

To Stapleton,

If you want to blame someone then blame your partner. If your partner didn't start that conversation then it won't end up like this. I'm not your friend. I'm your customer that buying your game. And it is the same for every players that buying your game. Cheap or expensive price tag doesn't matter. The only thing matter is how you respond to us. You always giving a stick to any players that make a negative complaint to your game. It's like when you are telling to the customers to f1ck off if they don't like it then don't buy. When you realized that was true what they said then you have fixed it. But do you think they're gonna return? No, never and there is no hope for it. And the same goes for me as well now.

If you still think that i'm still malicious player because i called your game "BAD" after the first day release then go ahead and comment me down below however you like. I'm sure i had a good reason for that after all the support i have put it into the game for 130+ hours. For now it is a good bye. \/unwishlisted

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