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Kingdom of Yan , a world of all catastrophes......
The land is drought , hunger and disease attributed to bloodshed and cruelty .
With the guidance of God , you have experienced greatness of hardships come to this land .
Evil rises , the dark lord is awakening to rule
the world again to infinite darkness .
He brought back Fires and Sinister , and the world of all things therefore dying again .
Only the holy craft would destroy the evil .
And you , the mighty warrior,
are set for this quest of conquer !

Conquer is an action-packed combat game experience crafted exclusively for VR/MR . The story is set in age of ancient times where the players will explore the game's dilapidated world, Kingdom of Yan , which is occupied by evil beasts, carrying the sacred gift of the gods to complete a quest against evil .


IMMERSIVE natural surroundings:

The high quality of the next generation of production allow the players to fully integrate into the game atmosphere . Underground dark scary caves , the wonders of sky way , flamed waterfalls , and more all allow you to immerse yourself in the visual phenomenon of Yan Kingdom .

DIFFERENT weapons In place:

The game provides three weapons , through the use of fighting points to unlock & experience the thrill of different attacks .

COMBAT & strategy play :

In different scenes , players will challenge various types of evil creatures , as well as strategy settings which will tap into player's logic skills bringing the excitement beyond the combat experience .

MASTER battle skills:

Players can unlock different weapons by practicing , learning counterattacks , disrupting, shifting , and releasing the ultimate moves to score high points .

OPTIMIZED for the VR experience:

Superb balance between computer configuration , game graphic and effortless navigation , giving the players the highest visual quality through the in-game setting menu . 7ad7b8b382

Title: Conquer
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Wan Studio
Wan Studio
Release Date: 21 Feb, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: window7 64bit
  • Processor: 2.8GHz dual-core CPU
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  • Storage: 8 GB available space

English,Simplified Chinese

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Pretty polished, nice enemies and environments. Low key dark soulsy vibe. Need to spam teleport like you would dodge rolling. Haven't reached the end yet, but presume it's going to be pretty short. Would like to have touch pad movement as well as the teleport.. great game with great graphics
would recommend 10\/10. could have been a fair game but telaporting in this type of game really sucks. Graphic is amazing, maybe is one of the most attractive fact I ever seen in my VR games list. Busy battle, you need to understand the time of countattack to stop enemy, or use teleporting to avoid be surrounded by enemies. Stand away from anemy and stand still will make quick recover. Boss is make you screaming and overwhelming if you don't battle tacticly. Other 2 weapons are fun as well, espacially the flying blade! Considering the price I will say it's definitely worth it!!! I played untill midnight and quickly fall in sleep:). This RPG action adventure game is one of those that think graphics makes a game. In short, they don't. Although visually it's nice, gameplay is horrible.

The beginning of the game gives you some back story, then inserting you into the game world. You're given a choice of three weapons, 2 of which cost some undisclosed currency. The final weapon is the sword, you then practice within the tutorial teaching you the basics.

The first monster you encounter which I will refer to as a wolf, is introduced to you early in the game. After the tutorial you think you have to wait and see when the wolf will attack so you can counter-attack and kill them easily. This is wrong.

The wolf has a near split second delay for the counterattack with no way to know its coming. The sword (a.k.a. the first weapon you get) has a weird delay that causes you not to hit an enemy. This, in turn, counts your expertly timed counter-attack hit to become a regular hit. The game feels bad for you and activates your special ability for that weapon. In this case it's the sword's special.

The special is a cool slash which goes away from where you swipe to cut and instantly kill enemies, making this very useful for the incoming hordes of monsters. Aiming the slashes are very difficult and don't correspond completely with the angle you swipe at.

After a while you realize you can just slowly slash multiple wolves and effectively stun lock them.

The next enemy you face is right after the wolves, and looks like it\u2019s made out of tree bark. The tree has multiple attack patterns, such as throwing something, spinning and slashing, or just stabbing. You can just about counter every attack after facing ten or more. Did I mention how they dont let off the spam anywhere in this game? You don't just get to fight one, you get to fight two, and after defeating those, then two more.

So after dying a couple times you can face a mini-boss that looks like a walking lion made out of lava. There are two options you can do to face this guy;
Beat the devil out of it and counter-attack
Just slash back and forth because his attacks are so infrequent that your health regenerates quicker.

No, there is not two of him next. A final showdown event occurs where you fight an extreme amount of the enemies you faced before and then you move onto the next area.

The next area you are faced with two puzzles which are alright. A flying version of the tree appears which still throw stuff at you, and harrass you throughout the rest of this area. Coming up through a valley an outline of your sword appears and you enchant it to gain a discount special ability that you use to fight the real boss.

These first few attacks that come in are simple to counter, but what comes next changes things. He will begin attack one or two of the floating islands, which ones you cannot determine until it is too late, so you will most likely die. If you are somehow lucky enough to stay alive he does the exact same thing again after attacking you with the simple attacks. At this point I died and have had enough of this game.

In conclusion, unless you have an abundance of time to master something, do not, buy this game.

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