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Fulfill your dream to create electronic music. Circuit Loops is the 5d3b920ae0

Title: Circuit Loops
Genre: Audio Production, Utilities
Music Breath
Music Breath
Release Date: 20 Apr, 2018

English,German,Traditional Chinese,Portuguese,Russian

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Completely useless program. Seriously. Isn't even worth $0.99 and I paid $6.99!. Crap DO NOT INVEST IN. The developers forgot to ad a B or F note to the frigging timeline so no way can you make any songs.. The applications does not support the VSTi digital instruments plugin API. Therefore, these are standalone applications that do not integrate with an artists work environment, his DAW. While the application is useful to some, I miss many features and wonder why some work the way they do. There is a beat you can add to your song, but these are merely samples and never get adjusted in speed when you choose to do so. In other words, if you would use a beat, they are on a fixed BPM. I vote down, as this is not for me. but it can surely be fun for the price it is available at, but just not for me.. Very very bad. I wasted my money on this and it is super bad. it dosnt have fullscreen and not a lot of sound and there is annoying background music.

Update v0.0.12 : The latest alpha update once again brings many additions and improvements. Some highlights include improved performance on custom maps, quick saving, and editor improvements. New missions have also been added to the Operation: Desert Cobra campaign. Performance There was a major issue with trees and cities that caused horrible performance on certain custom maps. In this update, I made changes to the level-of-detail settings and the way colliders are handled so that the framerate doesn't drop in maps with vast, dense forests and cities. Quick Save With addition of large custom maps in the last update, some missions have become quite long, and many players found it frustrating to restart a long mission after a silly mistake. The quick save feature allows you to save in the middle of a mission, and revert to that point at any time, even after you die or eject. Currently, you will not be able to load a quick save after exiting the mission or game. By default you will have unlimited saves and loads, but options are available to mission creators to limit this feature. Editor Features There are many changes to both the mission and map editors, but one notable set of features add randomization to missions. Mission creators will be able to set up alternate spawn versions of units, which will be randomly selected at the beginning of the mission. This means that a particular unit may be in a different location, have a different set of weapons, or even complete a different set of tasks each time a mission is played. A new "chance" conditional node will allow for randomized event actions to occur. These features can boost the replayability of a single mission. Moving Forward As a few have noticed, there is a third vehicle coming to the game. We will begin making it available in the publictesting branch in the coming week. Steam Workshop integration is coming soon as well. You will be able to easily share and play custom missions, campaigns, and maps in-game or through the workshop page. I'll make another announcement about the workshop before it goes live. Full list of changes: Alpha v0.0.12General- Changed GPS target send from NAV map to use altitude above ground level (so 0 will always be terrain surface)- Target altitude adjustment in NAV map uses nicer numbers when altitude units are set to feet- Fixed temporary freeze when starting a new mp3 stream in the cockpit mp3 radio- Fixed disappearing buildings- Fixed end mission panel not appearing when a required objective is failed- Added coastal map example "costaOeste"- Fixed pixel lighting in terrain shader- Added quicksave menu in GAME MFD page- Ability to scroll through UI menus using thumb stick/pad- Added scrollable list view in mission selection screenF/A-26B- Added missions to Operation: Desert Cobra- Fixed CATO trim sometimes failing to pull up to target pitchEquipment- Added GBU-12 Laser guided bomb and AGM-161 air-to-ground cruise missile- Fixed RWR still playing missile lock sound after missile has stopped locking while other radar is still locking- Fixed TGP display still showing IFF info after target was occluded or destroyed- Changed ARAD to remain functional while the MFD screen is not being displayed- Fixed F/A-26B canopy not inheriting aircraft's velocity when broken- Fixed HUD sometimes disappearing when bomb CCRP target goes out of view- Added MFD button to TGP screen to toggle HMD video in HEAD modeUnits- Fixed some issues with ground unit movement that happens far away from player- Fixed SAAW not maintaining lock on target due to changes to gun turrets using radar- Fixed enemy drone carrier and missile cruiser radars not working properly- Fixed issue caused by SAM unit referencing a radar that was deleted- Fixed enemy aircraft drunken taxi issue- Fixed rear left spawn point on allied carrier (too close to edge for F/A-26B)- Fixed error when AI F/A-26B fires anti-ship missileMission Editor- Added "Linear" mode for Paths- Fixed Select All button on multi-unit selector including units that aren't available to select- Fixed Allied MBT unit preview showing box around unit- Added Unit Group features to mobile ground units- Fixed "cancel" button in multi-unit selection window still applied changes- Added dialogue to remove unit from carrier when attempting to move it- Fixed issues caused by descriptions containing special characters- Added "Any Unit Detected" and "All Units Detected" conditions to unit group and unit list conditional nodes- Added "Chance" conditional node- Added default "radar enabled" option for aircraft with radar- Added "alternate spawns" editor to units- Added "Any near waypoint" property for unit list conditional node- Fixed audio silence after returning to mission editor from flight- Improved memory usage when saving and loading missions/campaigns- Fixed error that prevented saving when a Path had zero points- Fixed typo in unit options for ships- Fixed: able to move camera while carrier editor is open, related issues- Added quicksave options to scenario info window- Fixed certain sub-units not completing Destroy objectives when killed- Fixed: final objective would start / mission would be complete if remaining required objectives have not started yet- Changed map selection on new mission to use same UI as map editor- Allow selecting sub-units as attack targets for air units and groups- Allow selecting sub-units for unit list conditionals- Added airborne conditionals to air unit group conditional nodeMap Editor- Added "Coastal" map border type- Static objects and roads reposition on the surface when terrain height is adjusted- Added automatic bridge supports to road system- Fixed camera drifting- Added map info editor window (name and description)- Updated map preview shaderWingmen- Added "Vyxenah" voice profileComms- "Attack my target" Allow using ARAD MFD page to select target- "Attack my target" Use MFD page that is SOI if targets are selected on multiple MFD screens- Corrected order of to/from callout in ATC commsPerformance- Adjusted tree LOD distances to reduce rendered polys- Optimized city colliders- Reduced framerate dropping with tree colliders enabled. Update - v0.0.3 : Update v0.0.3 is now live. tldr: You need to enable HMCS power and lower the helmet visor to use the head-mounted targeting display, and you must enable SOI (top right button) on the TGT or NAV display to control them with your thumbstick. Night time flying is available in quick-flight. More details below. The main focus of this update was to set up systems that will support future features, improve performance, and fix some of the issues reported since the last update. There's a new helmet with improved functionality such as a projected targeting display (no more one-eye display), a simplified HUD that's projected to the visor when the cockpit HUD is not in view, and a nightvision mode. The HMCS power switch, located under the HUD power switch, must be turned on to access the in-helmet display features. Another system that will support future features is the MFD Sensor of Interest, or SOI. On MFD screens that support hand-on-stick inputs, there will be an SOI button that lets you designate it to be controlled by your thumbstick or touchpad. For now, these include the TGT screen, which has the same controls as before, and the NAV screen, which will now allow you to scroll around the map. In the future, the NAV screen will allow you to set up custom waypoints and GPS targets for weapons. The beginnings of the night-time environment are available to try out in the Quick Flight missions. There are still a number of things that need to be implemented to fully support night-time flying such as adjustble HUD brightness, switchable dashboard label illumination, the effects of reduced visibility to AI, etc. There are no new missions or tutorials yet since those that are planned will rely on features that are still being implemented or changed. Part of the performance issues in the last update were caused by changes in the HUD, and those have been addressed. There are also a few optimizations in other areas which should help too. Mission 4, while better than last time, continues to have some performance issues, but I'll keep hunting down the causes and will solve them in time. Thanks again to everyone who joined the VTOL VR community for early access! Please continue to report issues and make suggestions on the Steam discussion page and discord server. Your input is invaluable! Here is a full list of changes in v0.0.3: Improvements. Patch v0.0.8.1 : Small fixes to issues in last update.. Oculus Touch Thumbstick Mode : For those of you using the Oculus Touch controllers, you may want to enable "Thumbstick Mode" in the main menu settings. This will make it so you don't have to press down on the thumbstick button to rotate the engines or slew the targeting pod.. Public Test Branch v0.0.10p1 : Hi everyone. Currently, I release public updates about once a month, and try to minimize the number of bugs in each update. There is a small group of volunteers who help test new features and track down bugs between public updates, but since the game is becoming more complex with the mission editor and upcoming map editor, a few hard to find but crucial issues still slip by. I would like to maintain or improve the quality of each update, but I would also like to get builds out into the public more often. So. I've decided to open a public test branch, where I will be pushing development builds much more frequently. For those who wish to opt in and get more involved in the development process, you'll have access to the latest build and be able to try out new features, make suggestions, and find and report bugs. These development builds may not be entirely stable or polished since I will most likely be pushing updates as soon as something new to try is available. Also, not all experimental features in the test builds may make it to the final, stable update. If you would like to opt-in to the public test branch, right click the game in Steam, go to properties, then Betas, then select publictesting. I also highly recommend that you join the publictesting discussion on discord: The first public test build is available now. It includes the initial stage of the map editor. You can access the map editor from a button on your 2D monitor when you launch the game. You will be able to generate a new procedural map, place airbases in the map, save, and load. You will also be able to access the map when creating a new mission from the mission editor. The main focus for testing is performance when flying missions in a custom-generated map. The generated maps are much larger than the original island (196km x 196km) In order to reduce loading time and memory usage, there's a few processes that carry on in the first minute or so of flight (generating/baking the terrain colliders), and some processes that continue throughout the flight (such as generating trees in the area around the player). The status for these processes are displayed in text on your monitor, if you're curious. I'd like to know how these affect performance on your computer's specs, so please leave a message on the discord chat. Thanks everyone! v0.0.10p1Map Editor- Added initial stage of map generator/editorMission Editor- Fixed: tutorial objects were visible in static objects selectorUnits- Fixed: Enemy artillery could still move and shoot after being destroyedEquipment- Fixed errors when activating an AGM when no TGP is attachedGeneral- Added trees- Adjusted island terrain colors/textures- Fixed cockpit button and pilot position issues when spawning far from the center of a map

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