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Broforce: The Soundtrack Crack Full Version Download

Broforce: The Soundtrack Crack Full Version Download

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Broforce: The Soundtrack by Deon van Heerden
[Music to Bro To]

All tracks available as 320kbp/s MP3 files in the Broforce game folder on your PC. The files are INSIDE the computer. More information on the Broforce soundtrack and Deon van Heerden can be found here: http://www.deonvanheerden.com/broforce.html

1 - Strident - Broforce Theme Song
2 - Choose Your Destiny
3 - Vietnam Blue Sky (World Map Loop)
4 - Vietnam Blue Sky (Low Intensity)
5 - Vietnam Blue Sky (High Intensity)
6 - This Ends Now
7 - This Ends Now (Victory Sting)
8 - Vietnam Red Sky (World Map Loop)
9 - Vietnam Red Sky (Low Intensity)
10 - Vietnam Red Sky (High Intensity)
11 - End of the Line
12 - End of the Line (Victory Sting)
13 - City (World Map Loop)
14 - City (Low Intensity)
15 - City (High Intensity)
16 - Liberty or Death
17 - Liberty or Death (Victory Sting)
18 - A Fistful of Freedom (Low Intensity)
19 - A Fistful of Freedom (High Intensity)
20 - An Unbreakable Force
21 - An Unbreakable Force (Victory Sting)
22 - Alien Infestation (World Map Loop)
23 - Alien Infestation (Low Intensity)
24 - Alien Infestation (High Intensity)
25 - The Alpha Xenomorph
26 - The Alpha Xenomorph (Victory Sting)
27 - Hell (World Map Loop)
28 - Hell (Low Intensity)
29 - Hell (High Intensity)
30 - We Meet at Last (Low Intensity)
31 - We Meet at Last (High Intensity)
32 - We Meet At Last (Victory Sting)
33 - No Sympathy for the Devil
34 - Straight Outta Hell
35 - Star Spangled Banner (Broforce Edition)
36 - Trophy Room Victory Sting
37 - The Ballad Of Rambro
38 - Area Liberated
39 - Second Amendment Rights (Deathmatch Victory Sting)
40 - More Than Human (Pulse)
41 - Vehicular Overcompensation (Pulse)
42 - There's Always Another Ass to Kick (Pulse)
43 - Blades of Death (Pulse)
44 - Locked and Loaded (Pulse)
45 - Man and Machine (Pulse)
46 - The Tankening (Pulse)
47 - One-Way Trip (Pulse)
48 - Xenomorphobic (Pulse)
49 - Something Not of this World (Pulse)
50 - The Bowels of Hell (Pulse)
51 - Evil Has Awakened (Pulse)
52 - ExpendaBros Theme [Bonus Track]
53 - ExpendaBros Theme (Metal Version) [Bonus Track]
54 - The Hunt (2013 Proof of Concept Demo) [Bonus Track]
55 - Village Massacre (2013 Proof of Concept Demo) [Bonus Track] 7ad7b8b382

Title: Broforce: The Soundtrack
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Free Lives
Devolver Digital
Release Date: 15 Oct, 2015


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The most American Soundtrack ive ever owned.. Finally managed to play that area liberated theme on my guitar :D. And the only things you need are a pair of American Ears.. I only bought this for the theme song but the rest of the songs are also badass. Two words to describe this track Manly and Badass. My 13 pet Bald Eagles, representing each original colony, love this soundtrack.. (Broforce: The Soundtrack)

The minimum requirements are quite accurate.

Seriously, this is a pretty great OST, especially the two goofy vocal songs.. I waited for this soundtrack! Got it on Day 1 this came out. I did wait, I really did. Now im trying to find the genre for this type of music!

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