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Brigador: Up-Armored Edition Activation Code Crack

Brigador: Up-Armored Edition Activation Code Crack

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About This Game

Brigador relaunches in 2017 with expanded introductory missions, localization, easier difficulty and revised controls, plus improved lighting effects, mechanics, and more.

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Brigador is an isometric roguelite of intense tactical combat. Play as mercenary pilots betraying their planet, looking for the big payout and a ticket off this planet. Everything you destroy earns the pilots money that can be used to unlock even more destructive vehicles, guns, and challenges. Find the right load out for your playstyle and wreak havoc on the city of Solo Nobre.

Escape off-world with your money or die trying


  • Unlock 56 different mechs, tanks, hovercraft, with 40 different weapons
  • 100% destructible environments
  • Expanded 37 mission Campaign Mode with continuing developer support
  • Expanded and updated 20+ map Freelance mode with variable difficulty and challenge for all skill levels
  • Deep and engaging dark science fiction universe and lore
  • Original soundtrack by Makeup & Vanity Set, over 2 hours of acclaimed synth music

Title: Brigador: Up-Armored Edition
Genre: Action, Indie
Stellar Jockeys, Gausswerks
Stellar Jockeys
Release Date: 2 Jun, 2016

English,French,German,Japanese,Russian,Italian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Polish

A game about big stompy robots (and Tanks, and Hovercrafts, you get the picture) blowing up stuff in a cyberpunk cityscape.
The game has a campaign mode with fixed loadouts and unique maps, but the meat of the game is the Freelance mode, where you can decide which vehicle to use, the weapon loadout and the pilot (Which determines the difficulty) and then select a gauntlet of maps to play trough.

Pretty good game overall, the mecha designs are great and so is the overall atmosfere, helped by the little bits of lore scattered trough the game. Whorth a buy, especialy on sale.. An ultraviolent mil-scifi romp through a neon-soaked dystopian hellcity. A love letter to cyberpunk and mech fans alike, this game serves up everything you could want in a nostalgic throwback title, with none of the gimmicks that are so often present when the term "retro" is tossed around. Brilliant lore, a gorgeous artstyle, an incredible soundtrack by a well-known synthwave artist, fun gameplay with excellent replayability, and plenty of difficulty and accessibility tuning options.

On top of the game being absolutely radical, the developers are a great group of people who listen to and interact with their community far beyond the typically expected PR stuff. Brigador even has a tie-in novel that easily stands on it's own as a remarkably well-written piece of military science fiction. Hands down one of my favourite indie games available on the PC, and deserves so much more attention than it's received.

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