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Because We're Here ~Mohnblume Und Blauerose~ Act I Patch 8 Download Pc

Because We're Here ~Mohnblume Und Blauerose~ Act I Patch 8 Download Pc

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About This Game

Because We’re Here ~Mohnblume und Blauerose~ is a story-driven otome dating sim in an unforgiving First World War-inspired conflict. It's an episodic visual novel in four acts.


1915, Wesslinger National Calendar. The Great War rages on.

As neurotic Postal Corps volunteer Elfriede Rauss, you walk the trenches with the men of a lost generation. And amidst the chaos and brutality of the front lines, you encounter an obstacle that you are absolutely and categorically not prepared for: love.

However. Love can be a difficult thing to hold on to at the best of times. And these are not the best of times...

Key Features

Rich, Narrative-Driven Experience - Act I sets in motion a twisting trench opera of conflicted loyalties and life-changing decisions. The events of the first act are brought to life by 20 pieces of original CG artwork.

Diverse Array of Bachelors - Pick your love interest from a large and varied cast, spanning childhood friends, aristocrats, corporals and cowards. Act I introduces 11 main characters; Act II introduces an additional 8. (A total of 16 are available as love interests.)

Intricate WW1-Inspired Setting - Investigate a grave turning point in the continent’s history as you journey across the towns and battlefronts of the First Lassallian War.

Battle of Wits System - Argumentative boss battles that pit your emotional literacy and persuasive power against enemies and allies alike.

Estimated playthrough time for Act I (Never Such Innocence) is roughly 3 hours.
Act I is a significantly-updated version of the early WIP demos from 2015 and 2016. 7aa9394dea

Title: Because We're Here ~Mohnblume und Blauerose~ Act I
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Studio Elfriede
Studio Elfriede
Release Date: 19 Jul, 2018


because we're here mohnblume und blauerose act i download. because we're here mohnblume und blauerose act i

Impressively well-written, every line is so informative so efficiently in a quaint old-timey dialect, the heavy topic is carefully balanced and accentuated by much-appreciated humour that always hits and is very endearing to characters that are already very likeable and whose roles are a great, varied portrayal of pretty much every type of person that could be in this situation and really do feel like their own individual with thought processes that are well-founded. Elfriede is a lovely, silly yet smart protagonist and a breath of fresh air in the otome genre, or any media for that matter. Revolving the story around the instigator to the south is also a refreshing way of handling a topic many are familiar with. Uniquely charming and thoughtfully crafted.. Very fun game to play and it has quite a very interesting storyline for all characters. I really enjoyed and can not wait until Act 2 comes out.. i really like this game. there is a lot of dialogue and i enjoyed it. This WW1 setting game is a lot different than traditional Visual Novels. and there is quite a twist at the end.

its a nice breath of fresh air from the other games ive VN games ive played in the past. this game focuses a lot about the struggles the main protag has and alot the others around it. its worth a buy.. War isn't about middle grounds, and neither is Because We're Here. It's a game that may well prove to be polarizing (and I'm glad the dev took the risk). You could find this otome game a complete waste of time, or unusual but worthwhile. I'll tell you why I'm in the latter camp as I go through different aspects of the game.

Older fans have probably played the demos (both super old and now defunct) that constitute what is now Act I, and might be wondering if it's still worth it to buy this part of the game. Plot is the same but there's been a pretty big glow up in other aspects. The biggest plus for me was how the other guys aside from August now feel much more fleshed out - nothing big, but little changes in the writing strengthen the characterization. There's also longer ending scenes (with CG!) that make for better closure.

The UI is user friendly. There's no quick save and load but that's not a problem because I never really needed them. I also like the transparent text boxes - the font and size of the text are clear and I like that they don't hide little details.

The color palette is dreary, and the backgrounds are rough. This might be a problem for some, but to me it just adds to the atmosphere. Life is drab when you're resigned to death by foreign guns, and the somewhat blurry backgrounds esp in the trenches make me feel like I'm seeing them behind a haze of smoke from shelling, which again really makes me feel like I'm actually in the world of BWH. The sprites look really polished, and the awkwardness I felt at them not having dynamic poses (Otto, now is not the time for a high five!) was dispelled by how expressive their faces are - cartoony but not inappropriate for the dark subject. In fact, funny expressions or poses add dark humor without disrespecting the somber topic of war. The CGs are a little amateurish (especially the first person ones toward the end) but the style still feels appropriate for BWH.

The soundtrack isn't completely original but it really reflects what BWH is like. The music ranges from fast and set to a very "military" beat; to sad and sentimental; to romantic and nostalgic. The music enhances emotionally heavy scenes, and that shows what a soundtrack can do for a game! The music and SFX can get loud and startling, at least for me, so maybe keep your volume low if you have sensitive hearing.

Anyone enjoys good art or a fun soundtrack, but it's the stories your favorite games tell that get you invested. An interesting aspect of the game is that you can change love interests without restarting the whole game, and I think that makes for a very realistic look at love. It's also more flexible. The Battle of Wits is also a great mechanic where you have to say the right things to beat an opponent (sometimes yourself!) in a verbal battle or get them to calm down. It requires strategy and emotional intelligence, and while it can be jarring, it sets the game apart.

Elfriede is one of my favorite MCs. It's refreshing to see someone a multifaceted, complex character who's also enough of a "blank slate" that I feel my choices matter in shaping her personality and relationships. The love interests are also very well fleshed out. They're tropey, but as the story unfolded I saw how the creator lovingly parodies familiar dating sim archetypes and uses them as a setup for further character development. This is also where the game shows the most improvement from its previous drafts. The boys are good characters in the demos and still well written, but sometimes the game tended to focus too much on August. It's understandable because he's the one closest to Elfriede, and the commercial version still does spend the greatest chunk of time with him pre-war, but this time, it doesn't feel like it's at the expense of getting to meet other characters. This game is also special because it's probably the only otome where I never felt so turned off by a character I completely didn't want them. Even characters like Otto and Walter who is not a romance route but is...still a route (who have...questionable values to say the least) are interesting enough as people that I was game to play their routes even if it was purely from interest in their roles in the story and not because they're guys I'd actually date. (Speaking of that, August is a lot like my actual boyfriend so that also created an additional level of attachment and grief when he dies huhu .) The representation also never feels like it's crammed in for PC points, and the guys you can romance have a wide range of backgrounds and personalities, so you won't get bored with this bunch. This isn't even the full cast yet as there are more in Act II!

The handling of the war topic, which will never not be sensitive, is commendable as well. Where I'm from, the horrors of armed conflict, the looming threat of state fascism, and mob mentality which ends in disaster are huge parts of collective memory and cross-generational trauma, so a part of me was hesitant about the game when I first heard of it, even if I have thankfully never had much personal experience with these things. However, my doubts about choosing such a setting for a dating sim of all things were quickly dispelled as I actually played. The author doesn't shy away from showing the scars, physical and otherwise, people caught in conflict bear, and issues like government propaganda and blind herd mentality are tackled as well, but never verging on diatribe. The player sees the consequences these things have in-game, and it's not pretty when you remember real life parallels. It encourages you to think and ask questions beyond whose route you'll play next.

All I'll say about the actual plot is: 1) girl tries to have a fantastical otome romance (which, worry not, doesn't beget romanticization) against the very real and very unfortunate backdrop of an international power struggle, and 2) the childhood friend both wins and loses.

If you want an otome that delivers on both romance and story, has characters who will keep you up at night thinking (and crying) about them, and most of all, is a deep and profound portrayal of war, and the bonds forged because and despite it, Because We're Here might just be your next favorite game.. I've been following OELVNs for quite a few years now and try to give everything a shot, but I'm usually quite hesitant to make purchases because a lot is being released and not everything is top quality. Still, I immediately knew I had to get this when I read through a summary and some reviews on this page. Even though the game is quite short, it shows incredible promise.

The writing is great and the setting and history feels extremely interesting and immersive. You can tell the author knows her history and I especially commend the way its presented very naturally with the flow of the story and not heavy-handed for those with no real background in history. I love the huge cast of characters to get involved with and the mechanic of changing routes at any point in the story opens so many avenues for the story to progress I can't help but wonder what's in store. I can't wait for Act II, and I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing the game if you're currently in doubt.. quot;All Quiet On Western Front", the otome version.

This is a visual novel about a young woman that lives in a country that resembles WWI Austro-Hungary or possibly Germany. Her nation is starting a war and almost all men from her town are excited to enlist and serve their country. Despite their original excitement, they will soon find out that war is a gruesome ordeal.

What I liked about this visual novel was that there is a huge number of characters and all of their have their own, unique personalities. It's rare to find an otome game with so many different male love interests. It's also rare to play a game with a WWI setting, especially an otome game. It would be nice to see more otome games like this, maybe also one with a WWII setting.

I noticed a few spelling errors here and there, which I'm sure are typos. I'm willing to forgive this, because overall, I found the game interesting. I have only played Act 1 so far, but it does look promising. Lets hope that the following Acts will be just as good or even better. There is certainly room for improvement here. For example, I hope they will make the Battle of Wits are bit more challenging. By "Battle of Wits" I mean a feature of the game where you debate the other characters and you can win or lose based on what you choose to say. However, so far these battles have been way too easy in my opinion. Lets hope they can make them a bit more interesting in the following Acts.. I've been following this project since it was announced back on tumblr around 3 years ago, and even though I've played the demo a multitude of times, I still would highly recommend this even though some amount (not all!) of Act 1 encompasses the content from the previous unpolished demo. Why?

A few reasons:
~Script has been noticably polished and has had a decent amount of dialogue added, especially for all characters not named August
~Far more CGs, redone CG art, and a big UI upgrade
~Music that far better reflects the tone and mood of the game
~Helping out a sole indie developer who has funneled his own money into this project instead of relying on crowdfunding. Buying Act 1 helps him fund his additional art assets for the later acts and will help them come out sooner because of it

BWH Act 1 is a departure from your typical otome, and a game I _highly_ recommend if you're tired of doormat heroines, school settings, and are ultimately tired of the overused tropes and archetypes that tend to be prevalent within the genre. This is a historical themed game set during a fictional rendition of WW1 and let me tell you, it really doesn't hold back any punches when it comes to the horrible realities of war. The game starts light-hearted and optimistic enough, but soon the reality and gravity of the situation these characters are in becomes horribly apparent. While there is a certain amount of grim charm to the game as it progresses, it never gets so angsty and dark as to be devoid of humor or charm (there's some great dark humor in here!) and has a nice side dash of fun sarcasm thanks to our heroine Elfriede and her very amusing inner dialogues.

The characters are all highly varied with their own unique personalities, quirks and backgrounds. From a dandy eccentric 'noble' man of a small town, to a former boxer turned conscientious objector who refuses to fight, there's a plethora of characters to love. Even within Act 1 you can see some great character development of some of the earlier characters you meet taking place, and I really can't wait to see how everything progresses.

(I'm not delving too far into the romantic aspects in this review because by the time Act 1 ends we only get to see a small bit of it starting to emerge, but it does do a good job of sweetly setting up the stage between Elfriede and her guy of choice for futher acts in that regard. One neat thing is that even if you're on a certain character's route, you aren't locked in to that choice and can switch around as you please.)

In a hand of a less skilled writer, some of the darker themes and character developments in the game could be easily fumbled, but honestly the writing in BWH is some of the best writing I've seen in an indie/otome release. I'd go into more description of the story, but there are some plot and character elements I feel would be ruined if I were to do so (please go in blind if you can!). Everyone comes off easily believable, with strong individual character voices as well as being descriptive but not overly to the point of tedium. The script and story so far are definitely the highlights and my favorite part of the game for sure.

Lastly, the sprite art I find is very good but for me perhaps the only thing I can negatively say about the game is that I feel the CG art at times doesn't quite mesh well with the original sprite art and tone of the game. Some of the later ones especially feel like they were a bit rushed and maybe aren't as polished as they should be. The background art is simple and dreary, which fits the tone of the game, but could have been a bit more elaborate and detailed in my opinion.

The worst part, however, is having to wait for Act 2, because I'm so impatient and want it so badly lol. I can't wait to meet the additional characters that are going to be turning up in Act 2, as well as learn about what happens to some of the other already introduced characters that were left in rather...dire situations by the end of Act 1.

I've played so many games in the genre, both Japanese imports, retail otoges and other OELVNs and I have to say this one is one of my favorites, even only as far as the first act. It's highly worth your time and money for something so unique, refreshing, and so incredibly well-written, so please give it a chance so we can see more types of these games released :)

(also Eugen is best boy, fight me). Incredibly well written and well paced. The tone is well executed - dark and shocking, which is expected from a war story, but not pointlessly gritty and not wall-to-wall bleakness. It's not heavily romance focused (yet?) but it's warm and even tender when it needs to be. Even though most of the characters are likeable, the story seems unconcerned with presenting them as objectively good people (one of the characters states that they're a Malthusian) which I think is fitting for a game like this. The art is hit or miss but it's never downright ugly. eugen is good boy i love him

Wishlist Act II!:
The store page for Because We're Here Act II is now up, meaning it's available to wishlist! (LINK)

Act II is titled Live and Let Live, and is the longest of BWH's four acts, at an estimated 6-7 hours. It's scheduled for release in June - I’m working off the provisional release date of the 20th.

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