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Apothecarium: The Renaissance Of Evil - Premium Edition Download Crack Serial Key Keygen

Apothecarium: The Renaissance Of Evil - Premium Edition Download Crack Serial Key Keygen

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About This Game

The story takes place in Italy in the époque of the Renaissance. Disastrous outbreak of plague and leprosy is raving, taking thousands of lives. We play-act for Adriano, - brave and daring as hereditary aristocrat Adriano family member of the Duke of Medici, who sent for the pursuit of his daughter, Claudia. Our hunt leads us to the strangest of places – little town called Apothecarium. Just recently Italy’s brightest minds were fighting over the search of the vaccine against plague. These scientific pioneering and research so as to win the fight with the dreadful disease is the purpose this “amazing city” was built for.

On arrival we discover that Apothecarium has become abandoned and Claudia’s cortege destroyed and the Duchess herself kidnapped. The further deep into the mysterious city we are making our way the more we find it overflowing with the odd inventions imbued with the fleur of the Renaissance and the more horrific details we discover. Unveiling the mystery we learn that the city’s inhabitants have fallen the victims of the outrageous and demented Alchemist who in his pursuit for the elixir of youth has taken the path of the evil and wrecking havoc. This virulent and frenetic scientist is taking lives of the innocent so as to gain the immortality. We are to come across the sinister mysteries of Apothecarium, overpass a great deal of considerable tests and face multitude of hardships so as to free the Duchess of Medici from the clutches of the insane and cold-blooded lunatic and save the survived.

Key Features:
  • Over 40 Location, 20 Hidden Object and 16 Puzzle scenes 
  • Interactive Map (quest and navigation) 
  • Over 8 hours of gameplay 
  • Integrated Match3 Game
  • Global Hint System
  • Additional Game content (Music, Wallpapers, Screensavers etc.)
  • Special Chamber Orchestra Live Records, original soundtrack included
  • Built-in Strategy Guide

Title: Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil - Premium Edition
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Space Monkey International
1C Online Games
Release Date: 28 May, 2015


apothecarium the renaissance of evil - premium edition

Ok, I really thought about what to write about it. When I first saw the game, I just thought, how amazing it looked like. This old scenes and the town called apothecarium. But I was so screwed up. The scene is the only thing that lookes good and only in the beginning. Later the story becomes so weird, that it destroys the scene. Moving is just... well... even I made once a game with java scipt in which moving looked like this. And my teacher gave me a 5 or an E, depends on in which country you are. For people, who want to sell a game, it is worse. I don't expect much moving in a HOG but this little bit should work. So, unfortunately, I have to say, I can't recommend this game.. This game is not bad. What is pulling it to negative with a lot of people is the technical issues. My main pc with Windows 10 had the display flicker issue on full screen. I have to play in a window which is not too bad on a 27" monitor.

On my old laptop, which has Windows Vista and NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT
graphics, the game ran perfect on full screen. I’ve enjoyed playing the game on it just fine. I did experience one crash to the desktop though.

Technical issues aside I give it Thumbs Up. I like the game.
If you like Hidden Object games you will like this game.

Just Beware of the Technical Issues you might have running this game.. Fast non extensive playing game in hidded object, play and forget. a decent HOG that is worth playing with a few flaws.

great sound tracks.
desent play time. (four hours for the story and 20 minutes for the bonus story)
ok graphics.
ok voice acting.
ok story.
wide screen.

very annoying shape shifting HO items
low resolution.
i had one crash to desktop while playing throughout the game.
no hints on what to do on puzzles.

overall i give this game 6/10
i recommend this game only on sale.. Game flickers with on screen display from the start of launching the game (It looks like a strobe light). I have tried changing all suggested settings and have not had any luck fixing the issue. Don't waste your money on a game that is unplayable which is dissapointing because this game looked like it had a good plot and gameplay.. Problems with item detection, translation errors in italian, boring and/or annoying puzzles.
Random crashes to desktop.

Not recommended.. 4.5h to complete with bonus chapters, skipped 2-3 puzzles.

As mentionned in most reviews and in the forums, this one is problematic in fullscreen (and this is the default way it'll start) - this also has been my experience with Win7 64b. Played fine when in windowed mode, the graphics are really nice so that's a shame that it needs to be smaller than your screen to work.

Interesting enough HOG, nice graphics, forgettable story. Get it on sale.. I have a real problem with flickering screen. How do I stop it? I try to find 'SETTING', and can't find it on properties or else.

I love this game.

Thank you for your time with me.


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