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Adventures Of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement Cheat Code For Money

Adventures Of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement Cheat Code For Money

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About This Game

The year is 1884 and World's Leading Victorian Explorator, Bertram Fiddle is still struggling to find a suitable adventure. Bowing to his wife's demands for a steady income he has been forced to take a job as a telegrammatical salesman in Dulsworth's Soap Factory. But Mr. Dulsworth isn't as squeaky clean as everyone thinks and soon Bertram finds himself embroiled in a mystery far bleaker than he could possibubbly imagine.

With over 60 scenes A Bleaker Predicklement is a mysterious point and click adventure game full of puzzles, dark secrets and terrible, terrible puns.
Explore the richly detailed world full of suspicious characters, solve mind-befuddling puzzles and track down Victorian London's most elusive serial killer - Geoff the Murderer!

Inspired by classic adventure games, Hammer Horror films, cartoon network shows, Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft it is jam-packed with Victorian mystification.

- Fully voice-acted characters
- Beautifully animated interactions
- Over 60 locations to explore
- An original soundtrack composed by Cam Reynolds inspired by 1970s B movies
- A massive monster
- A make your own meat friend mini-game
- Even more terrible puns!

The Evening Burble is calling it "The Greatest Adventure of 1884"

"Playing Bertram Fiddle is like a watching a lost, sinister animation, but in a good way. I enjoy stumbling along and soaking up the absurdities." Matt Elliot, PC Gamer

"plenty of riddles, tea-drinking and strangely-shaped noses," Samuel Horti - Rock Paper Shotgun

"I wish I made games as funny as this," Ron Giblets

"The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2 might just have the most amount of puns in a videogame EVER," Baden Ronie, Wolf's Gaming Blog

"It's not as good as Donkey Island," Guy Hardwood, aged 49 6d5b4406ea

Title: Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 24 Aug, 2017

English,German,Russian,French,Japanese,Korean,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

adventures of bertram fiddle episode 2 a bleaker predicklement. the adventures of bertram fiddle episode 2 - a bleaker predicklement

This is one of those games where I wish Steam had a "shrug" button for if you recommend it or not. It has all the charm of the Adventure of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1, but the puzzles were more frustrating (and not in a good way).

As a side note, when the game first came out a lot of people were complaining about how many glitches there were in it. It seems like they fixed those issues. I didn't run across any in my play through.. I had already enjoyed the first episode of Bertram Fiddle's adventures and I must say that the second episode was up to my expectations. Despite some small bugs, I had a great time playing this game. The puzzles are moderately complex (except 2 or 3 on which I spent more time). I really liked the design, the story and the characters. I highly recommend this game. As a sequel to the first game, it is a great continuation to the story. They lengthened the game play time, they added more characters and areas. And they expand more on the Lovecraft elements touched on in the first, which is great.

However, the game is unfinished. There are characters missing lipsynchs, incomplete animations, and the achievements don't all work. It does take away from your overall enjoyment.

I think all-in-all it's a fun game, I still enjoyed it despite being unpolished. It's worth getting it on sale if you liked the first one.
. i loved the puns and the jokes i strongly recommend this game, as well as the previous one in the series. loved it. hope they'll make more really.. Despite the lack os some animations (probably due to budget), I did have fun with this game and enjoyed it. I do recommend it for those that like point and click adventure games. Wonderful series!! recommend (bugs are repaired now). This is a light-hearted, funny, and well-designed game. It's four times as long as the first game (well, at least it took me four times as long to finish it) and so the plot is more in depth. It's certainly worth the price.

Some other comments have mentioned a lot of bugs, and while I think many of the early bugs had been patched by the time I played, I can say I did still encounter a few, but nothing game breaking. As long as you're not the type to fly into a fit of rage over the occasional graphical glitch or so forth, you should be fine.

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