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Granite Male Enhancement Sometimes and after 15-16 hours. When I come home, I am "death". This job is the most important for me and I am thinking 24 hours a day. I don't have a permanent partner at the moment and I think it's good because neither would stand with me. Why? Because my mistress is work. I admit that I sleep poorly and briefly. Work absorbs everything - body, thoughts, energy. Maybe I shouldn't, but I must admit that I can live without sex. I have other priorities, I devote energy to something else. If I had a permanent partner, I would probably go to viagra already. Just hug me It seems normal that the partner occasionally feels less sexual interest in the partner. However, what to do if such a condition lasts for weeks or even months? " We've been living together for two years, " Barbara begins. - And apparently everything is good. We love each other, we plan the future, but there is one problem and serious from my perspective. We haven't loved each other for eight months. Thread! The strangest thing is that when I get to him, he hugs me, says how important I am to him and that he loves me very much, and ... that's all. There is no follow up. I've tried everything. Underwear doesn't work, foreplay doesn't work. He just says he's depressed and let me understand him. But I have a body and my needs, and I can't do it anymore - Barbara worries. Emotional problems undoubtedly affect intimate life. Perhaps they result from undisclosed and thus unresolved conflicts, from fear of real commitment, from fear of closeness, from unspeakable regret. Men are also increasingly affected by depression, which undoubtedly reduces libido.


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