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Sonoma Valley CBD Oil With this guide on medical cannabis, it has been intended to provide a basic understanding Sonoma Valley CBD Oil an overview of its origin Sonoma Valley CBD Oil the various ways of consuming it, in addition to the benefits that medical marijuana offers naturally compared to the traditional pharmaceutical industry. Anyone interested in it can consult with their doctor , who will inform you about whether marijuana treatment is a good alternative. It is what we know as hemp oil, which is extracted from cannabis sativa seeds . Marijuana is not the same as hemp or cannabis, as we popularly know them, although they are from the same plant species. They are not the same, they are two different plants because of their composition: just as marijuana has a high content of cannabiaceous ( THC, tetrahydrocannabinol ) that act in the central nervous system, this other type of hemp or Hemp, has a very low cannabinoid content THC, but high in CBD is a cannabinol with no action on the central nervous system as a psychotropic. Generally, it is known as HEMP if there is a low THC content in this product, but a high CBD content. CANNABIDIOL , is one of the cannabinoids that this plant contains, CBD is not a psychotropic unlike THC. CBD is absolutely legal Sonoma Valley CBD Oil is not toxic. So we should not be scared when they tell us that a cosmetic product or a supplement has cannabis, what it carries is CBD, which does not act by altering the central nervous system.


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